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"The Matrix" Fantasy or Reality?

"The Matrix"

Fantasy or Reality?

I woke up this morning, sat on the side of my bed, took a deep breath and Inhaled the Energy of the day. The thoughts that we allow ourselves to entertain innately will create our Reality. Is Anyone, or Anything truly who, or what they seem to be? I guess there can be no real room to exercise any complaints. When the same false sense of security that I complain about, Has in its own way has protected me, and kept me safe.

Situations Change.... You look around for Something that you remember. To help navigate yourself through the day to day Challenges, and Triumphs of life due to everyday living. The Matrix..... Is what we create for Ourselves. It's not Always the Most Popular mindset when you begin to Shift the paradigm of your way of thinking. Are you Awake? Or are you still Slumbering in your sleep? The Matrix..... Sometimes we're the actor, and the producer of all the Drama we may find presently in our lives. The Matrix...... You learn to Strategically Govern yourself in your Decision making, When you realized what you thought was "Real" it was The Matrix...... Can sometimes have you walking around with a Brain Fog. Your sense of Reality seems Altered in some way. You function Daily. I guess you would have your Profound Memory to thank for that. If it weren't for doing most things out of habit, You probably would not Recall any of the many Fleeting thoughts that may run through your mind.

The Matrix..... Can All be in your mind! An Endless Abyss of made up Prolific Rhetoric, Without being Disciplined, and Grounded. Your sense of Reality will Always be questionable. To those who have an Ear to listen, let them Hear. The Matrix..... Allowing one self to live, and operate under False illusions. The Matrix....In the Infamous Words....The Red or the Blue Pill? Are you Awake? Or will you stay Asleep? Pick a side and play hard.                                 

"The Matrix"

Fantasy or Reality?

By: Jaki




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