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Relationship....Is it a Spiritual Experience? Or An External One? What is it exactly? Is it an Unknowing Connection? But Still... You can sense some form of Familiarity. Or is It just a Bond that can be established between Two Spirits over Time?

Relationship...Is it possible that finding the Answers that We may seek by looking to Others, Can really be found within Ourselves? All You must be willing to do is.....Is Look!!

Relationship.... Begins with Complete Intimacy of Oneself, Some people Do Not have a Healthy Relationship with Their Higher Self.... Some have No Relationship At All. They would Not even know what I was talking about. They would Not even have A Clue!!!!

Relationship.... How can You ever truly experience A Real Relationship with Anyone else? It Does not matter Personal or Platonic, When You don't even have a Real Relationship with Yourself. You don't even tell You THE TRUTH. How will You be honest with Anyone else?

How can You?? In the Spirit of keeping it Fair... Hold Someone Else to A Higher Standard than You hold Yourself on how You are supposed to be treated. You Don't even Treat You well... You want Someone Else to Fix what you will Not Address. Where Do they Do that at? Believe Me, I Really Don't want to know.

That may very well be a Trigger Warning for some people. Well!!! The Way I see it is..,, The Truth Needs No Support, No Matter who tells it.

Relationship....I purposely Did Not Add an S to the Word. I Do not want You to lose Your Perspective, Or Redirect Your Attention to a Situation that No matter how Important it may be and Reverenced by the Outside World. It is Not, Or should it be Your Main Concern. A Concern?? Even A Priority!!! Main??? It Can Not be Allowed to become Your Sole Premise of Your Emotional Stability. That is Not Healthy for Anyone, In Any Situation. It makes You Co-Dependent. You are Not Loving the Other Person.,, You are Trauma Bonding with Them... That Is Not Love... Although it May Very well feel like it.

Relationship.... Being Secure within Yourself..... Independent of Anyone else's Energy You require to make You feel whole.

Relationship..., Knowing exactly Who You are, and that every Piece is its proper place. You can discover that You have Room and Space to share with Someone. A Safe, Healing, Healthy Space, That You Both can be Free to be Transparent.....To The One You feel that You can be Yourself with.... And Lay some of the Burdens of Life that often Plagues You down.

Everyone is Not Emotionally Available... Even though They may believe that they are. Relationship....We All, May secretly wish in Our Hearts for Someone Who We could tell Our Secrets and Fears to.... And feel Secure that You will Not be judged. The Most High GOD has That Unconditional Love for US All. He is The Only One With an Never-ending Love.

But As far as the Humans go, Those Who follow The Most High GOD, and keep Him First in Their Life. You stand A Solid Chance of Them extending the same Unconditional love. You Can't Trick an Honest Man!!!!

There are People in the World, That know exactly Who You are. No matter Your Faults or Your Attributes..... And They Still love You. It is because of Who You are, That is what makes You Uniquely Special. Even if, Some of Us come Off A little Crazy and Erratic. GOD took care of that too....He Really Cares for Babies and Crazy People.

Relationship..... The Bible Speaks of..... That Two May Not Walk in the same Direction, Unless They Agree. Meaning.... Two People Can Not Say They want the same Thing.... Moving in Different Directions. It Will Never Work!!!! The Desired Goal Is Not The Same.

Relationship..... Understand, HEAL, Grow, and Move On.... Hold No Grudge. When You have been Fortunate and Blessed to share Time and Space with Someone that You love and you value what They Contributed to Your Life. They may have played An Essential Part in Your Overall Growth. You may have Grown in ways that You may never have without Them. 

At least No One before Them, Ever Inspired You to want to Change..... Even if it took Pain to Provoke You to do it. You're Doing It!!!! Meeting Them, Changed your life. That Has to Count for Something. Despite the Relationship being Broken.... You can Wish Them Well, and hope they find Happiness, Even if it is Not with You.

Relationship..... Is about True Connections that Can, and Will Stand the Test of Time. You Honor the Bond Your Spirit built..... Even if The Mind, Or Outside Influences may not understand.

Relationship......Real Love Never Ends...., It Transcends!!! It can show up in Many Forms, When it feels the Need to Reveal Itself. Real Love Does NOT Ask for Permission ....It Just Is!!!!

Relationship.... Harnessing Your Ability to open Oneself to the Possibilities of Sharing Yourself with Another, Without Limitations or Barriers. Can Fill Your Heart with Great Joy and Skillfully Crafted Childlike Expectations. Have You ever Felt Safe to Love? Although The Mind may Struggle to Ascertain the Information..., But The Spirit Knows....It Will Act Upon, And Adjust Itself Accordingly. Then You will Know!!!!!


                                                                                   BY JAKI.

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