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Divinely Broken.... When you are Divinely Broken....No matter what happens in your life, We don't sustain Losses, We learn the Lesson and then We Elevate. What use to make you Cry, Now you are able to smile. Everything in Life that We experience are in Stages, Or a Season. Some You have Outgrown, and some have Outgrown You. Either way.... Clearly You Do Not know it.... But You Will!!!!

Divinely Broken..... Everything that has happened in your life was all Orchestrated by The Most High GOD to lead up to this moment. The moment you come to the Realization that everything that you have experienced has made you who you are. It is like being LED to a Destination, and you don't even know why. You just know that you feel Compelled to go. The Road in which We will take has already been written....At least the Destination. We All have Free Will, On the Path we choose to take on the Journey.

Divinely Broken..... You have learned with the Cracking of your Soul you can Heal whatever is Broken inside of you and the True Manifestations of The Most High GOD can be Released in your life. Many People believe strongly in the Power of Surrendering to your Spirit. Embracing your Vulnerability and taking your Power back.....By Giving it back to Yourself!!!!

The Buddhist calls it....NAN, MYOHU RENGE KYO!!! You change from the Inside Out, Not the Other Way Around. Sometimes it takes People Time to Understand. It took Moses Forty Years to Roam Aimlessly lacking Understanding, To try to Gather Information.....To LEARN!!!!! It was not until He Discovered, and Accepted that He had gone as far as He could Humanly go. In His Emotional Declaration.... HE was then ready for the Makers Hand..... The Most High GOD is "The Potter" and We are The Clay.

Divinely Broken..... Standing Confident, That Despite the Challenges and Dark Moments that have passed through your life. There is still Light at the end of the Tunnel. Every Experience only made you Stronger and Better. So I guess it served it's Purpose. You understand that Every Seed that You Plant will not be your Responsibility to Water, and Watch it Grow.

Divinely Broken..... Doesn't mean being Broken because You are Damaged. No, Sometimes being Broken, Is so that, what was Hidden can finally be Revealed.

Divinely Broken..... Your True Wealth will be Seen.

                                     "DIVINELY BROKEN"

                                                                                          By Jaki.


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