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Twin Flame....Is a Journey of the Discovery of knowing Thy True Self. We have always known that there are many Facids of Our Personalities. Most people are only aware of this type of Connection on a Surface Level. Like Your Ying and Your Yang, Believe Me when I say, The Ties that Bind in this Bond goes much Deeper than that.

Twin Flame...If you think that getting to know Yourself has been a Ride of a Lifetime. Imagine having to Coexist with your Counterpart....The Other Side of Ourselves.... Being Mirrored back to Us. Twin Flame..... There is a Love that is shared between the Two of You. An Unconditional love..., You will Always seem to Grant your Twin Grace, Where You Never had any Patience. That is One of the Signs...... You Understand!!!!!

More Times than not, when you are Fortunate that GOD allows you to cross Paths with your Twin Flame..... Get ready to Learn a Few Important Life Lessons. Painful, Many would say..... But Necessary!!!! We all Remember the saying...No Guts No Glory!!!!

Twin Flame..... People tend to have this Huge Misconception of what being on a Twin Flame Journey really is. Yes, Spiritually and Emotionally it can be a Beautiful thing. A Wonderful Encapsulation of Love.... When and if both Parties involved has done the Emotional Healing Work, So that they can Vibrate on the same High Frequency.... Hence, Be on the same page at the same time.

Twin Flame.... That is Rarely ever the case. Usually Someone is Awakened, While the Other still Slumbers Asleep. Or they will often times Run from the Assignment...... It can be a Bit Overwhelming....Too Much Pressure!!!! Rather You are Aware, Or Unaware, You can Sense that something is very Different even if you are Unsure as to what it is. The One thing that you are Definitely Clear on is..... You know what it is Not...... What you are Use to!!!

Twin Flame..... Is a Spiritual Assignment that the Most High GOD Himself appointed You and your Twin Flame to Accomplish here on Earth as One. Just like Any other Plans, or Good Intentions.... People are known to take Detours.... It's just in Our Nature.

Twin Flame..... Imagine the Beauty of One Soul being shared between Two Bodies.... Conjoined in the Spirit. We are Celestial Beings having a Human Experience. The Bond that has been established in Heaven cannot be broken here on Earth. You do not have to be with your Twin Flame.... For their Heart to belong to You, Or Vice Versa.... Your Heart belongs to them. There really is No Outrunning the Truth!!!!

We All have Free Will.....We can Choose to Run from it, Remain Blind to It, Or Denounce it All together. No One likes the Lessons. They will continue to come in many Different ways until you learn the Lesson. You will be Forced to Grow up and take Responsibility. You can Run, but you will Not be able to Hide. Man, Nor Woman can Outrun their Fate. You will be Triggered in ways that even You don't quite understand. All you know is, Nothing has ever felt like this, And No ONE has ever had this type of effect on you.

Deep down in your Soul you can sense there is something very Different about this person unlike any of the rest.

I'm not trying to take away Any of the Special Memories that were shared in other Relationships and Connections. They were Special and some Bared much Fruit..... Still this is Hitting Completely different on a Whole other level. Twin Flame.... Sharing a Bond with Someone, That when you Hurt, They Hurt, Realizing that there is an Equal part of You, With the same Hopes, Dreams, and Aspirations as you out here in the World. The One "" Really Does Exist!!!

You must understand that the Illusion lies in the belief that You are separate. You can never Cut Ties with your Twin Flame.... You are Connected by the Spirit.... And Yet may not see Eye to Eye in the Flesh. Even if You choose to be with Other people, Only GOD can Separate You!!!! What GOD has brought together, No Man can tear apart.

The more that you Heal your Wounds and continue to Pour Self Love into Yourself and walk in High Vibrations.... Your Other Half will begin to follow Suit. Remember!!!!, They are your Twin Flame, They can Energetically feel the Shift. They are Not going to allow you to leave them behind..... When They have chosen to answer the Call.

Twin Flame..... This Connection is Symbolic, The Body can not Function properly without the Mind. You do not need to stay Together in order to Remain Connected. That is how the Body can be in One Place and your Mind on the other side of Town.... Must I Go On?? For the People in the back who may have missed it.

Twin Flame.... Can be a Long Tedious, Often times very Painful Experience. Being Triggered in ways that you sometimes can't Imagine Someone having the Ability to Trigger you in such a way. Is a Huge Trigger for You within Itself.... Let's start there Folks!!!;

Twin Flame.....Was never about the Destination.... But the Journey!!! The Pushes and the Pulls.....All the Highs and the Lows are Strategically designed to help Introduce You to You... Coming into Complete Balance. Your Light and your Shadow Side.

Twin Flame.... Bringing every Aspect of Yourself into Alignment so you can live in True Authenticity....

                                     "Twin Flame"

                                                                           By Jaki.

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