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"The Masquerade"

The Masquerade.... Some People only believe it to be a Festive Event that Everyone enjoys getting dressed up for, Playing Make-believe. Showing up to the Party in Stylish Dresses, Costumes, and Tuxedos. Combined with the ability to Camouflage Their True Identity, Adding to the Allure of Mystery and Mystique.

The Masquerade.... Time to get dressed Everyone!!! It may very well be The Performance of many People Lifetime. You have been invited to the Huge Spectical..... Being hidden behind being called A Celebration. The Masquerade....Is Real!!! Is that Who They are? What the World sees is Not Always what the World gets. The Mask is Not Who They are, The False Pretense isn't just for Entertainment Purposes Only.. The Fakeness is Real!!! Even if it is being presented as though it is Something else. IT'S Not Authentic!!!

The Masquerade...... Can often times be seen as a Celebration, Or Collaboration of some sort. It seems more like An Organized Faction. What do I mean by that? The Masquerade..... Often times have " Devout Loyal Supporters". They are either just like Their Mentors...,Or They wish to be just like Them. Yes, It is True that every Zebra does not carry the same exact Stripes..... But let Us not forget that They still Bare the Stripes. Birds of A Feather....Tend to Flock Together.

The Masquerade...... It's Unfortunate...... Sadly, Many People hide Who They truly are. More Times than not, When We suspect, Or realize that Someone is hiding Their True Authentic Self. For some strange reason We readily assume it is possibly out of the Fear of being Hurt. So We assume they hide behind certain False Narratives, As a way of keeping Themselves Emotionally Protected.

The Masquerade...... People, People, People.... Believe Me when I say, I speak Nothing but the Absolute Truth!!!! That Is Not Always the Case. Some people hide behind The Masquerade Illusion...If the World could See Who They truly were behind The Masquerade Facade..... OMG!!! Who They want You to believe They are, That is Who They present that they are. It is A Security Blanket of Anonymity that must be Protected At All Cost.

The Masquerade..... There will always be Spectators in Life, They will sit on The Sidelines and watch everything happen from Beginning to End. Sometimes Given the Circumstances, They may even join The Rat Race and Participate. The Masquerade...., People can Only Pretend, and Mask, Who and What they truly are, but for so long . Their True Identity will be Revealed """... But often times Subsequently missed by the Naked Eye.

The Masquerade..... Just as if you were attending a Party and Everyone is dressed in Proper Attire. Although, Some People may be Fully Disguised, You can still Identify Who They are, By Their Mannerisms, the way that They walk, Maybe even sometimes the way that They smell. Often times, Spoken Word is Never a Requirement. Those are just a few of the Many ways People are so Recognizable.... Even from A Distance!!!!

There are Defining Factors about Who You truly are, That are really No Escaping.., and if paid Close Attention to...,It would tell exactly Who They are. Not the person that they created The Masquerade Persona to present to the World.

The Masquerade..... Some People are not comfortable in their own Skin. Internally, They do not feel like they are Enough, Or if the World knew who They truly were, No One would want to deal with Their Bullshit. Most people, Who are that way, Pretend that is Not Who they are, Seem to Struggle with Abandonment Issues and or low Self-Esteem Usually in some shape or form. Throughout Life, Experience and Time, The Secrets of what they try to keep hidden, Eventually gets told. No One wanted to put up with the B.S, So it seems to be easier to give the World what they want to see, and what they will accept.

The Masquerade.......I write about Topics such as this, To Call Attention to A very Pressing Matter. It is Imperative that you learn to Move in, and Operate with Heightened Wisdom, and Enlightened Discernment....... TRUST GOD!!!!! In the Life and Times in which We live today, People, Places, Even Sometimes Things, Are Rarely Who, or What they say that they are. You get The Well Thought Out.....Put together Version of Their Act and Talent.

The Masquerade......, We All, Can take some form of Pleasure delving into Our Fantasies, and making some of the things that you find there into Reality. Even if it just for a little while.... Fantasy can turn into Reality..... Depending upon your Focus.

Know the Difference!!!! Do Not Allow Yourself to Fall for the Hype and get trapped in The Aura of Make-believe......The Masquerade!!!

              "The Masquerade"

                                                                               By Jaki.

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