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"Do You know Who You Are?

Do you know who you are?..... That may very well sound like one of the most silliest questions that you could possibly ask someone, But in Truth it is a very legitimate question. You would be surprised how many people would look totally Baffled..., like a Deer caught in Headlights, If you were to ask them that question.. Because sadly they really do not know.

Do you know who you are?......So many People create, Show up to, and Tolerate certain Situations, and Circumstances, That they are very much aware of on a Deeper Internal level, They could never accept on a Mental and Emotional level.

Do you know who you are?...... Who are You lying to? No One but Yourself...... And Everyone Else. If You are going to keep it 💯, Do You know Who you are?......Is it possible to spend everyday with Yourself....... And You still do not know Who You are?

Just My Personal Synopsis......I don't believe that I buy into the Concept of People do not know Who They are. Some People know exactly Who They are.... That's why they work so Diligently to keep certain Characteristics of Themselves hidden. They know exactly Who they are...... They're just hoping that Everyone else don't.

I believe that We All make certain Revelations and Discoveries at Different times. Everyone's Thinking, or Circumstances will be different..... IT'S CALLED the Circle of Life!!!!

Do you know who you are?...... Sometimes You just learn as You go..... Listen!!!! To the Operative Words here..... You LEARN!!! Some People are incapable of learning..... Not because They can't.....But Simply because they choose not to. Either way, You are made aware of Who, and what You are. "The Man or Woman in the Mirror will Not Lie".

Do you know who you are?..... You will Not Allow just Anyone to have a Seat at your Table. You have learned that setting healthy Boundaries and Standards, Is One of the Greatest Acts of Self Love you could ever give to Yourself. No One is worth You Dying, So that they can live. GOD himself doesn't require such a Sacrifice.

Do you know who you are? You will stand in your Personal Power..... You know what You bring to the Table... When You know Who You are. Some People believe that they deserve nothing but the Absolute Best. Meanwhile, Others don't believe they deserve anything at all. Everyone's Destiny is Not the Same.

Do you know who you are?..... You can Consciously decide to Whom, or What to give your Energy to. You understand how valuable your Energy is..... You can choose what you decide You want to Feed..... Everyone is Not Deservant!!!!

Do you know who you are?.... Do You know what you deserve? Many would say, Yes that they do..... Well, Why then do so many People accept putting Themselves in Situations that you already know that you have already Outgrown..... And is Finally Beneath You. Truthfully, It Always Was.. You just had to Finally see it.

You have to know Who You are....... And Own It!!!!

                          "Do You know Who You are?"

                                                                                           By Jaki.

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