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Falling In Love"

Falling In Love...... Can Invoke such an amazing feeling between Two People who have chosen to share their Hearts with each other. This Connection almost feels Euphoric!!! Just the mere thought of them, Or simply the mere mention of their name.... Damn near drives you insane. Your Heart leaps for Joy....If I am not mistaken....That is Affectionately referred to as...They Give You Butterflies!!!

Falling In Love....There is something about the Warm, Calming, Healing look in their eyes of the Possibilities the Future may hold, that makes up for All the other failed relationships before they came. Falling In Love..... Comes with Genuine Hope and Expectancy that the Mistakes of the Past, Does not define your Future.

Falling In Love..... When Someone knows exactly Who You are. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly side of you...... And They still believe that You are the Moon to their Stars. They see You as a Blessing. Falling In Love....Or is it simply just a Misunderstanding between Two Fools?

Statistics would suggest just that, With All the Broken, Failed Relationships that has occurred. Considering, Most People would say.... They were not the person I thought that they were. I did not see them for Who they truly were until after I fell in love with them and We decided to build a life together. From a Broad perspective...It seems like a very Purdenent question to consider. It is Definitely something that will make You Go HMmm!!!!

Falling In Love..... You will sometimes find Yourself silently asking GOD and Yourself "What Did I Miss" How did My Sunshine...My Peace!!! Turn into Rain..... Broken Trust, Empty Promises, and Shattered Dreams of what could have been.

Falling In Love..... Starts with Friendship First!!!! Time and Patience, Getting to know the Person that You love and Why You love them.

Are You even sure that It is even Love? Some People confuse Love with Admiration All the Time. Some One checks Four out of Your Ten Boxes...It's Love. They would even Argue that You share this Unbreakable Bond... Sometimes You Do....More Times than Not... You Don't. The Truth Is.... They are Use to having You around. You are a Safe Emotional Bet.... And They don't like being alone. IMAGINE.,.. Waking Up to A Heaping Dose of That Reality.

Falling In Love......No You can not help, Or even sometimes choose Who You love. Sometimes it just happens.... That is what keeps It "Special". Sometimes Things just doesn't work out the way that We planned. Was it Your Eyesight? The Problems? Or Was it The Projections? You Didn't See Who They were.....Is What You tell Yourself, In Hopes of trying to feel better about the situation. Admittedly, You Chose Not to See....There Are Always Signs. The Most High GOD will never leave You in the Darkness.

Rather You Choose to take Heed........Is OPTIONAL!!!!.

Or Is it Possible? You brought Your Same Problems from Your last Relationship into your New One..... Looking for A Different Outcome. SORRY!!! The Joke is On You..... You Will Always Follow You ". Last..... But Definitely not the least..... IT may very well be The Most IMPORTANT PART Of them All. You Projected On to Them, Your Version of what the Relationship Was, and what it Should be. You loved Them Unconditionally, You treated them Good, With Genuine Love and Affection. They really Contributed Nothing to The Reason that You love them the way that You do...... With Such Open Expression. IT is simply because of Who You are.....You Nurture What You Emotionally Claim...... And You Chose Them to Give Your Love to.

Falling In Love.... Sadly, and Most Unfortunate, Some People discovering that they are The Object of Someones Affection can sometimes Go to Their Heads. They can begin to take Your Feelings of Endearment for Granted.....Due to Pride and EGO. Then As The Seasoned Folks would say.... It's High Time those Rose Colored Glasses begin to come Off. You Can Not Unsee What You have Seen. You realize You fell in Love with Your version of How You wished it could be..... Not How It Actually is.

Falling In Love..... The World is Round..... Second Chances are Possible. What You did Not Know, Or Value Before. You Now View things with A Different Set of Eyes. Falling In Love.....Is Not Off the Table..... IT is Actually Welcomed. If The Setting is Right!!

You have chosen to No Longer Fall in Love.... BUT to Walk Into Love.... With Both Eyes Open. What You Desire in Your Mate, Should have been Made Crystal Clear at this point. Do not allow Animosity or Resentment in your heart to hold you captive just learn to let it go.

Falling In Love...... TAKES COMMITMENT!!!! Everyone wants to feel Emotionally Secure... BE Open to Love..... Allow Someone to Love You..... Give Of Yourself....Do Not Hold Back!!! There is Real Power in Love.....Do Not Rob Yourself of The True Experience of......"Falling In Love".....

                                      "Falling In Love"

                                                                                      By Jaki.

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