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"What Do I Say?!!!

What do I say?..... With so many Different, Compelling, Floating Thoughts freely taking up Space in your Mind. From Minute to Minute, Second to Second. It almost seems next to Impossible to focus on just One thing.

What do I say?....It almost sounds like a Loaded Question.... That should be followed by a catchy Punchline. What do I say?.... When your Mind harbors the weight of the Struggles it carries on a Day to Day basis. Your Nervous System is on Overload.... You are in Desperate need of an Override....To get you back into Balance.

Sometimes, Just the weight of Someone's thoughts can be more than just a Bit Overwhelming. Sometimes they can be Equivalent to a Wild Beast.... That refuses to be Contained. What do I say?.... When your Mind will not let you rest, Everything seems to require your Immediate Attention. It is as though every Thought seems to have a Storyline that is All its own. You feel pulled in so many Different Directions all at once and you haven't even Ventured from what should be the Comfort, Security, and Stability of your Mind..... Instead you feel Entrapped by it.!!!!?

What do I say?..... To help Minimize the Blow to your Unwanted Acceptance of Visual ability of what your Mind's/Eye is Permitting you to see. Is there anything to really help to Soften the Blow?

What do I say?.... When it is All said and done.... And All the Toils and All of your Labors are Tabulated.... You will begin to take Self Inventory of what you Spent versus what you got.

What do I say?..... The Answer can be Alarming.... And Life Changing,!!!!

                    "What Do I Say?!!!

                                                     By Jaki.

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