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"The Letting Go"

The Letting Go....Is getting Real with Yourself... Standing Still, taking A Self Inventory Observation. An Internal look at My current Circumstances. I find Myself at a Crossroad, My Heart and Mind are at War. Caught between the Vague Complexities that seem to silently hunt Me, Of what I had hoped to be, Versus what I can feel and visually see.

Do I Stay? Or Do I Go? The Math is not Mathing. One must begin to ask Themselves; Am I fighting a Battle that I have no Real Chance at Winning? The Letting Go... Will force you to face the Harsh Reality.... That often times some people make for better Friends than they ever would being your Lover. It isn't Personal... It's just the way it is!!!!

The Letting Go.... Is a True Testament of Gods Word. We all have prayed for Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, let us not forget about Discernment. Do we all use any of it? Some of Us never utilize any of those things at any given moment. No need to be that Brutally Honest at this moment on where you are at.... But for Christ Sake tell Yourself the Damn Truth.

The Letting Go.....Is Letting Go..... And Letting GOD. Only GOD knows what his plans are. It is up to Us to Trust, Believe, and Obey. No matter what the World may Display. We will never be able to trace Gods Footsteps. His Word " Will Always Stand."

The Letting Go....Is your True Ability to not lean to your own understanding. Trusting GOD that He can, and He will make All things work out in your Favor..... When you Trust Him!!!! Even when it may look like All is Lost. He is The Most High GOD, there is nothing that He can not do. He is The Commander and The Chief, As Above, So Below.... His Word is a Fact!!!!!

The Letting Go..... Is not an Easy, Painful thing to do. It is hard not to try to Control the Narrative of Circumstances that effect you and your life on such a Profound, Intense level. I Totally Get It!!!! It feels next to Impossible to feel Secure, When you feel that the very Foundation that brings you Stability, Is now in Question.

That alone by Itself can bring about a Sense of Uncontrollable Anxiety. That is God's subtle way of Letting you know that the problems You face are Bigger than you.... But they are Not Bigger than Him "The Most High GOD".

Yes, You may have a lot of Life Experiences that may make you believe that makes you smart..... And Wise enough to avoid Life's Pitfalls. He knows that you are not, We can not see behind the Veil. Some of US, Are only permitted to see what GOD allows us to see. That is why " He Said" Bring All of your Burdens to Him, and lay them to rest at his Feet.

The Letting Go..... WHATEVER you Carry in your life that you have labeled a Burden. The Letting Go..... DOES not mean that you do not care about the situation. You have just come to the Acceptance.... You can not change, What you can not control. Despite Popular Belief.....We Control Nothing...., Not Even Ourselves. Who is not still learning some Level of Self control? I'll Wait!!!!!

As Uncomfortable as it may be, Even Painful to get to that level of Emotional Stability. It only hurts more to try and fight it.... But on the Positive side of the Spectrum.... It brings an Indescribable Sense of Freedom. It is like clearing away All of the Static....The Confusion has Disapated.... The Frequency is Clear. All of the noise that play loudly in the back of your mind..... Even when you don't want it to. Sounds like Freedom to Me..... What about you??

The Letting Go..... IS Trusting that GOD did not bring you this far for nothing. There is Purpose in the Madness for Everything that has happened, and in Time the Pieces will fit into the Puzzle and the Truth will be Revealed...."IT'S CALLED A REVELATION"....

The Letting Go... Is being Humble enough, and Spiritually and Emotionally Secure to allow yourself to be Vulnerable enough to Surrender..... To Understand that it is In your Weakness......That Exudes your Greatest Strength.

The Letting Go...... Be Strong!!! Roar like a Lion!!!..... But be as Gentle as a Lamb." You must know the Difference" Let Your Spirit Man guide you.

               "The Letting Go"

                                                                                       By Jaki.


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