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"Silence is Loud.... And it's Clear'

"Silence is Loud.... And it's Clear'

When everything around you seems to be moving at a Rapid Pace, and everyone else seems to be operating on a whole other Unfamiliar frequency. Talking, Laughing, enjoying Day to Day Life. There is nothing wrong with it, but many Subsequently become complacent. Satisfied where they are, never Aspiring to reach a Higher level of Consciousness. Silence is Loud.... And it's Clear! You begin to look at Life, no longer Afforded the Ability, or Comfort, of wearing Rose Colored Glasses. Pretending that you "Don't Know" Is not the same as "Not Knowing". You are Choosing to be Blind. Ignorance is Bliss, or at least so they say.

Just Hold On..... Your safe little cocoon that you managed to build, Will soon be Dismantled... It's just a matter of time. You can only convince Yourself of a Lie, that you know you are telling but for so long. Silence is Loud.... And it's Clear! When you sit by Yourself and have a Heart to Heart Conversation with Yourself without All the Outside Noise. The Silence is Loud... And it's Clear! When you look over your life, and some of the Decisions you have made. Memories replay repeatedly in your mind, All the things that you wished you would have done differently. If given the Opportunity, next time you would not take Blessings, and Opportunities for Granted. Silence is Loud... And it's Clear! Spending time in the Spirit brings Clarity. When you look over your life and the Decisions you have made, that may have ended with Less than Desirable Results. You realize that you are playing the game, We Call Life.

The Evolution of Consciousness of, just how much you really have Grown, and the many Changes you have Endured. It's like an Outer Body Experience, When you realize that you are Playing Chess, Not Checkers. Are you playing to Win? When situations Arise in our lives, and everything is Spiraling out of Control and you feel like you Don't Know what to do. It seems as though if you take Two Steps Forward, you seem to Fall Three Steps behind. You just can't seem to catch a Solid Break. Silence is Loud.... And it's Clear! When GOD SPEAKS!!; It's Quiet so you can Listen...It's Loud.... Because Now you are Required to Do Something. No More Excuses!! It's Always Darkest before the Dawn. That's when the Miracles Happen. The Answer is in the Stillness.

Silence is Loud.... And it's Clear! If you Listen with A Humble and Receptive Energy, You will know the Truth. Silence is Loud.... And it's Clear!!

By: Jaki

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To me silence can be louder then noise at times but its much needed and can help refocus yourself.


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