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"Press The Button"

Press The Button.... Can You visually see Yourself?, You are standing at the Door of many Blessings and Opportunities. Just waiting to take form, As a New Chapter in your life. Press The Button... You must be willing to Act on Unseen Faith and Leap. You have been through a lot of things throughout your life to make Good Informed Decisions. There is no more Excuses, No Stalling, If I Could, I Would. Standing in place really not moving forward.

What I aquait to the example that I am trying to make. Imagine Yourself standing there waiting to get on the Elevator. You must Press The Button... First and Foremost, Even for the Door to open..... Imagine That!!!! Some may be too full that you may not be able to Access Entry.....It's Overcrowded!!! Some Doors are Wide Open..... Just waiting for YOU to step in and Press The Button.... Because You know exactly where You wish to go.

Press The Button...Will help to put the Human Mind on Notice to help to determine the Level that you are trying to Ascertain. Rather it is Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Even Financially. When the Results are All tallied up, The Answer will be determined in how You choose to move....Or even if You will even move at all. You are not the First, and surely will not be the last that did not React, or Respond when you should have.... And a Golden Opportunity passed You by. It is in those moments that you learn how Imperative it is that you learn to Press The Button..... And Move!!!!

Press The Button..... Some may Argue that My Viewpoint on the Subject may be a Bit of a Stretch. I Beg to Differ. I would Argue the Analogy and the Metaphors is still One in the same. Although the Circumstances, and the Dynamics may very well be different. It would not be the First time, We All will get an Opportunity to witness how so many Different Situations and Circumstances that you have had to Face, Has taught You One, Or Some Major Lessons in Life that you will Never Forget.

As I Reiterate what I Previously said before, The Situations may vary, but the Analogy is the same. That is the Common Thread!!!

In All Honesty, The Players are Obsolete!!!!.... You have Bigger Concerns that you must address. The Question that You must First ask Yourself; Are You even able to make the correlation? Everyone will Not be so Fortunate!!! They Missed the Bus!!!!

Press The Button....Is making a Declaration to Oneself, That you will Not Allow the Ships in your life to leave the Ports, Without you Boarding. You will Not Allow Yourself to be left behind because of your own Negligence.

Press the Button... It is All in the Act of Movement, and Not just Watching and Observing. Anything that has Your Name on it..... Deserves Your Energy and your Attention.

Choose Clearly And Choose Wisely....

             "Press The Button"

                                                                                     By Jaki.

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