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"Mix and Match"

Mix and Match.... Does opposites really attract? Or is it a Fashion Fupau like trying to mix Plaid with Stripes? (A Disaster).

Mix and Match... Sometimes you might get lucky, Be it with Clothing, People, and Situations. Given certain circumstances may allow you the ability to blend. Mix and Match.... Now on the other hand, there is always those pesky little situations that started out small but ended up Big that We all have experienced in our lives. Lacking the ability to see past what we want, Trying to fit Square Pegs into Round Holes that We already knew would never fit.... But just like Burger King.... Everyone wants to have it their way.

Mix and Match.... Anything, Or Anyone that presents itself in your life that generates, and vibes on a different Energy than you, Has the ability to to be a Blessing, or a Lesson. A Liability, or An Asset. You must be strong, and well solidified in Who you are to truly understand are you even able to mesh well....In other words to Blend!!!!

Mix and Match.... You will Definitely discover the answer to that question, By what is being crafted in your life when you blend with certain situations, People, or things. You will certainly have a Front Row View to the Creation that you thought was a Good Idea. The Final Compilation that you end up with, Will result back to the Ingredients that you started the Batter with in the beginning.

Remember!!!! Every Ingredient does not always compliment each other. Some can be too overpowering.... Some too subtle... Not enough Pop. Sometimes it takes for the Two to come together and make Magic... And sometimes they are best left separate. They are Powerful just the same.... But just in Other Dishes....If you know what I mean.

Mix and Match..... Sometimes Opposites do and can attract.... Or at least you can bring Two Beautiful Pieces together that has their own Unique Style Independent of each other. When they are brought together..... They Compliment each other!!!!

Often times those are very "Rare Finds"... Not Impossible!!! Count Yourself Fortunate and lucky, When and if you ever encounter it. We all have things that We hold close to our Hearts, We hold on to them because we know that we will never find it again. Be that it be a Person, Place, or things. It has a Sentimental Meaning!!!!

Mix and Match.... Maybe is the coming together with the Other half of You...... Your Twin!!!! Maybe sometimes being Different, Is really being the same. We are Mirroring each other, So that we can learn from all of our past mistakes and if we learn, and choose to obey. We can evolve into Real Maturity and become the person that you are looking to find...."Equal Give and Take"!!!! He Will.... The Most High GOD will grant you your Hearts Truest Desire......"Real Love".

Mix and Match...... Blessings come Hidden in Disguise!!!

                                               Mix and Match "

                                                                                By Jaki.

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