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"GOD'S GRACE"     

 Who am I ? My spirit is in such turmoil, my flesh is screaming to have it's own way, but my spirit is governed by a Higher Power. It seems as though I live my life on my own terms, but deep down inside I hear a voice. It keeps tugging at me; it defines my normal. It brings me strength when I have none. It always seems to speak to me at the lowest points of my life. Saying to me... I AM here...Do you trust me? Don't you remember all of the things I have brought you through?.

Don't let life harden you, and make you forget me. I will never leave you alone, remember when there was no one else, I comforted you, I healed you. I was your only friend, I made you mine in your mother's womb. I bestowed my favor upon you, I was there. I saved you, you called upon me and I answered.

You think that I ask the impossible from you.... I never put more on you than you can stand to bear. The reason you are so conflicted, is because you have not relinquished your will. You cannot serve two masters at the same time....I AM The Great, I AM.

   By: JAKI.

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I remember one time I was going through something and i remember when I felt God wrap his arms around me. I can't explain it but the huge was so light and airy and I felt nothing but complete protection and safety. God is so Good. Thanks for the read.

Me gusta
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