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"Why is it so hard to say I'm Sorry?

Is it our Arrogance that will not allow us to see past what we believe was done to us? We're always good at Playing the Victim. Have you ever taken the time to consider All the Unknowingly Victims that were left in the Wake of your Decision Making. Have we become too Selfish, and Prideful, of a People, that we can not admit when we are wrong? Not Even to Ourselves. We better be Real Conscious and Careful. God Himself, Said Pride comes before the Fall.

It says alot about you, Not only as a Man or a Woman, but as a Human being. The Bible says that whatever is in a Mans Heart, So shall he speak it. If those words Hold True, GOD is Not a Man that he should Lie. So I believe with All my Heart that his words are true. Why is it so hard to say I'm Sorry? People make mistakes, and sometimes things are Said, or Done that may have went too far. Many Relationships, and Connections could have been Mended, With a simple Acknowledgement of the pain, and the Break that was caused in the Connection.

No one has to tell you when you are in the wrong. Your Conscious will do that for you just fine. So why is it so hard to say I'm Sorry? Or is it True that Everyone does not have a Conscious? Or People Freely choose to Dismiss theirs? That's why it is so hard to say I'm Sorry? For the Life of Me, I can't understand how people can believe that you can go through Life, Never taking Accountability for the Way that you move and operate. It does take Vulnerability to Admit that you were wrong....Its Not Easy!!! You have to Choose to be Transparent. Because you really don't know the Receptance that you will receive from the other person that you have wronged. They have the right to Choose to Forgive you or Not. The One Thing that Anyone, Can, and will Respect because it's Universal......Is Someone's Ability to say I'm Sorry. There is nothing more Healing than a Genuine Apology, for All Parties Involved, No matter what the Situation.

Think about it, If Nothing else, No matter the Outcome. Everyone can move Forward with a Clear Heart and Space. Why is so hard to say I'm Sorry? Sometimes, those simple words can prevent something small, from turning into something Big. Is it our Pride? Is it our Egos? Or is it a Combination of them both? That leads you to Foolishly believe that Being Humble, Owning your Shit, Taking Accountability makes you look Weak. Well...... WAKE Up!!!! You have it All Wrong. The fact that you Will Not Acknowledge all the things that I just mentioned, Will Undoubtedly let the World know that You are Weak. Don't be afraid to put Yourself in Someone else's position, And then ask yourself how would you like to be treated. If someone was to hurt you, Or wrong you in some way. We All have said on many occasions "The Least that Motherfucker could do was say I'm Sorry. Then there are those who has messed up so Badly..... You know they burned up All the Churches Money, and a Simple I'm Sorry, Simply just will not do. They know Not what to say, So they say Nothing at All.

I say, All of this to make this point Clear. We All seem to have a hard time to say I'm Sorry for various different reasons. Rather it was by accident and we are Truly Remorseful. Or you are not Really Apologetic about whatever the Situation may have been and you don't want to Lie about feeling something that you don't. Last, but not least.!!! You have done so much, that you know that you did not have to do. You showed Your Natural Ass.. Now you feel Stupid!!! How do you fix it? Start at the Beginning..... Don't let it be so hard to say I'm Sorry.               

"Why is it so hard to say I'm Sorry?                               


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