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"Why a woman loves a Man"

Since the beginning of time, God intended for a man to be the head, and to lead. He entrusted the sensuality of a woman, and her soft gentle nature, to the strong nature of a man. He is her protector, He is her strength, and her Rock. He puts God first in his life, and he loves, and respects her, as a gift that God has allowed him to have. He is not a slave to his ego, or his pride. He stands firmly in the confidence of who he is, and what he stands for. He is secure in the energy that he carries. No matter the worry, or concern, when a woman lies in a mans arms, and she is allowed to open herself, up and be vulnerable, and make her concerns, her aspirations known to her man. As masculine of a man as he may be, he can still allow himself to become vulnerable enough to comfort her on the level that she is on. She falls in love all over again.

Why a woman loves a man? When he looks into her eyes, and says "I will take care of it". She knows that she can close her eyes, and rest easy, because he is a man of his word. He stands on integrity, and he respects their union too much to lie to her. A woman loves the way a man smells, the pheromones that exude from his body, it's an Aura of strength. They have a name for it, They call it...B.D.E....Big Dick Energy. It's the Sauce..... Either you have it, or you don't. A woman will gravitate towards his energy, knowingly or unknowingly. She can sense there is something "Different" about him.

He is a warrior in the streets, and he is as gentle as a lamb when making love to her in-between the sheets. He understands how much pleasure and pain to apply. He understands balance, He makes love to her with the passion, discipline, and performance like a Intertwined Slow Dance, when two bodies conjoin and become one. He satisfies all of her Desires, even the Hidden Ones. He can look into her eyes, and make love to her spirit, without ever touching her body. There is Nothing like the Essence of a Man, All Men are not the same. Believe me when I say, there are Men in the world who are " Still Deserving of Their Crown"


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