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"When Your Hands are Tied"

When Your Hands are Tied..... When the mere thought succumbs your Mind, That there is nothing that You can do. The Situation; Whatever it may be..... Is Out of your Hands. Hence..... Out of your Control. What are One of the First things that comes to Mind? Is it a Feeling of being Incarcerated? Being Bound against your Will? Or Is It something as simple but equally as Complex? To find Yourself faced with Important Decisions that You are forced to watch play out right before your very Eyes. Despite, Any Warnings......Or Constructive Criticism. You just can't seem to avoid the Inevitable!!!!

When Your Hands are Tied.... Sometimes You can be Given exactly what it is that You say that you want. Rather, OR Not that is A Good Decision....OR Something that You will live to Regret, Remains to be seen as The Narrative of the Story begins to Unfold. So shall too the Part that You play in the Scenario. Many Times, Our Emotions can cause Us to put Ourselves in many Precarious Circumstances that We often Struggle to get out of.

When Your Hands are Tied..... Be Very Careful with what you allow Yourself to Create in your Life.... Be It Consciously, OR Subconsciously. Make sure that It is Balanced and Just, Designed with your Well-being in Mind. A Decision....A Life Choice that You can live with. You just might find Yourself Bound to the Choice that You make.

When Your Hands are Tied...... Is it a Feeling of having to Surrender? To the Fact that either You have lost Control. OR IS IT, That You realize You never had Any Control to begin with? It can be very Unnerving to say the least, When You are Forced to Submit, and Conform to Situations and Things that Otherwise would make You Extremely Uncomfortable.

When Your Hands are Tied..... Depends on how You look at it. You may view it As a Good thing, OR A Bad thing..... DEPENDING on the Circumstances.... But the One Thing that You Can Not Contest OR Deny; When Your Hands are Tied...... It Keeps You Honest, It Keeps You Out of Unnecessary Situations......Bullshit!!! It will Not Allow you Sometimes to even Get Involved. You know How It goes.....I Would if I could.... But I Can't. I'm Not in a Position......Etc...Etc.Etc.!!!! Just Another thing that The Most High GOD Divinely Thought of.

When Your Hands are Tied.....Is Not as Bad as it may Sound. There is Always A Hero and A Villain in every Movie. Which Part Do You Actively play in your life? Do You know? Sometimes it is Not Always Good to be on the Move, Being Still, Not Able to Move on your own Accord.... May be Stifling in Many ways... But Can You Imagine? On The Other Hand How Structural that Can be?

I guess it just Depends on what You see as a Benefit. Sometimes The Most High GOD will send what seems like Obstacles in your life. Your Plans doesn't seem to work, No matter how Hard and Long you try.... Because The Most High GOD has Other Plans.

When Your Hands are Tied...... Sometimes You are Not Bound to Anything at All. You just Believe that You are. What the Mind Believes, The Body will Facilitate.... It's All A Mind Thing!!!

                          "When Your Hands are Tied"

                                                                                       By Jaki.

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