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"When You Realize"

When You Realize.... The Rat race that we often times call life, and all the twists and turns, and uphill battles and Hidden mysteries the answers that you seek were always embedded inside of you.

When You Realize.... That you have much to be proud, and thankful for. You made it over hurdles and obstacles that life often put in your pathway.. Often times feeling Deliberate!!! I Digress... Moving On. When You Realize....It wasn't easy getting to the other side, There were some dark days, and you were not sure if and when the light would shine.

When You Realize.... You deserve a little Recognition, You Realize that you deserve some of that Warm, Healing, love and Affection that you so Graciously pour into others. When You Realize... That you need love too. You will begin to treat yourself with more tender love and care. Give Yourself some Grace. Despite All the obstacles that have come your way, You Made It!!! Maybe a little battered and bruised.... But You made it!!! Give Yourself a Standing Ovation.

When You Realize..... The mistakes that you made in life, Were opportunities to give testament to your Resilience. Not many could have faced Adversity and the struggles of life head on the way that you have and still stand tall and remain otherwise intact. Some people talk about it... Some people be about It..

When You Realize.... What has not killed you, Has only made you stronger. It's going to take a Bigger, More skilled opponent to try and come up against you and take you out.

When You Realize.... That your footsteps are ordered by The Most High GOD, and No Devil in Hell has the Power to Alter your Destiny. You move completely different....In Confidence and Sound Mind.

When You Realize.... GOD and You are the Author and the Co-author of the Grand Design in your life. You begin to be more Meticulous with the choices that you make. 

When You Realize.... What You Choose for your life, Is what you will see in your life. When You Realize..... You Must Choose Responsibly....... When You Realize!!!!!


                                          "When You Realize"

                                                                                         By Jaki.


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