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"When It's Time To Grow"

When it's Time to Grow..... Sometimes, You may not even be Aware of it on a Conscious/ Surface Level. Somehow You just know, You can Innately Sense, Something inside of You is starting to Change. You have begun to notice the Subtle, but Defined Changes, On how You are starting to Move. You have learned to put your Childish Antics aside. When You know better than You do better, Patterns take Practice.

When it's Time to Grow.... Life comes in Seasons.... The Bible tells Us that. Each Season that You have experienced brought its own Happiness, Memories, and Lessons. There were Few, If Not Many, Happy Fulfilling Times, That We All can look back on Our Lives that will make You say "Thank You" Everyday that you wake up to The Most High GOD. It's Because of HIM, You were able to Endure. When things went bad, or just didn't go as You had planned.

When it's Time to Grow.....It Hurts to Grow.... Sometimes that means... Not getting what You want. OR having to have Patience.... And Wait!!! Having to make Choices, Or Decisions, That otherwise You wished You didn't have to make... But You Understand that You Must... Because if You don't Honor what You are being Divinely Guided to do, It will not serve Your Highest Good. Odds Are, It will Not End well for You.

Looking back on Your Life, It never ended well for You. When The Most High GOD was Guiding You, Because it was Painful... You Chose not to Listen.... And surely You have lived to Regret it. When The Most High GOD, Says Move!!! You Move!!! His Supervision....RENDERS GROWTH!!!

When it's Time to Grow.... Simply Put.... Change is Here!!! What Once use to bring You Solace and Comfort. You should Now find to be very Uncomfortable. You are No longer just A Simple Piece of the Puzzle, That fits in A Particular place. It's Time to Elevate!!!

When it's Time to Grow....As Necessary as it may be, It Hurts like Hell to Grow. To be Stretched, and Pulled, in Directions, and Positions, That You didn't even know that You were capable of. The Struggles, and the Burdens that You have had to carry. When You look back on Some Things.... You don't know how You made it. What would have Broken most People... The Most High GOD didn't Allow it to Break You. The Most High GOD knows what HE put inside of You. When GOD Calls for It, IT Will come Forth. Just like when HE called Lazarus to come Forth. Your Destiny Will be Fulfilled....BY HIS WORD!!!!

When it's Time to Grow....It takes the same Focus, and Determination, When You want Your Grass to Grow. You want to have A Beautiful Lawn, You Toil the Soil, You plant Your Seeds. You make sure that You provide Sufficient Water, You Understand that if You continue to do this Repeatedly without Fail.... Eventually Your Grass will Grow. You have done what You were suppose to do, You have done Your Due diligence. Now All You have to do is be Patient, and let the Universe do what it does. You Will See the Results!!!

When it's Time to Grow.... Remember?? How Excited You got when it begin to Fill In and Flourish. Proof of All Your Hard Work, You started to look for Ornaments, Knick Knacks, to Accent Your Lawn. Further Beautifying Its Curb Appeal....That it Once Did Not Have.

I know that Many of You, May be wondering what does Any of this have to do with what I am talking about right now, and how does it Tie in together. WELL, When The Most High GOD, Is telling You that.... It's Time to Grow. The Analogy is the Exact Same.

I chose to Use Peoples Lawn, As the Example. So there would be No One who did not Understand or Comprehend, The Moral of the Story. The Onisis is on You to Decide where You are at in the Story. No Matter where You may currently find Yourself in the Story.... There Is Much to Look Forward to. You should look to the Future with Hope, Joy, With an Expectancy of Happiness, of what Tomorrow will bring. It just further Solidifies The Truth.... That if You do the Work...... You Will Reap the Reward!!!!

The Most High GOD.... Always Keeps HIS WORD!!!!

                                  "When it's Time to Grow"

                                                                                     By Jaki.

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