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When I am Asleep

When I am Asleep.... Thoughts of you quietly enters my mind. It's a sexy correspondence between you and I that require no words. We know what each other needs. Our actions were so soft, yet they spoke so loudly. When I am Asleep... The chemistry between us is Phenomenal, I treat you like My Baby and make love to you like a King. When I am Asleep... You tell me that you love me, and you need me. You look me in my eyes, and we connect Spirit to Spirit. We Undoubtedly know that we need each other.

When I am Asleep.... The outside world doesn't exist, With all of it's Nonsense and broken promises. When I am Asleep....We set the example of what Real love looks like. When I am Asleep.... The love that we share is so Real, and so strong,  All we could ever need is GOD!! And Us... The both of us together, We're unstoppable, When I am Asleep...... The perfect match, Divinely paired as GOD had intended. If only when I am Asleep.... Life is perfect in my dreams.... What a shame you can only visit paradise eight to ten hours out of a day.....If you are lucky!!! Oh Well!! Something beats nothing.

When I am Asleep.... Everything is just as it should be, but now it's almost time for the fantasy to come to an end. I don't want to wake up, I wished I could stay asleep a little while longer, Reality had begun to creep in. I tossed, and turned I knew that the time had come to say goodbye. Until the next time we speak. When I am Asleep... Something as perfect as this, and feels this Damn good.

Is it a culmination of Bits and Pieces of Fantasy and Reality to create what We call a Dream? Or is it a Silent longing of the Soul? Whatever the Debate!! Sadly, it only happens when I am Asleep.

"When I am Asleep"


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