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What is your Love Language?

What is your Love Language?

Is a Pertinent question to ask when you start to date someone.

(1) How do you Show Love?

(2) How do you Receive Love?

Example. A Man goes to work everyday to provide for his family. He breaks his back everyday, by the sweat of his brow. He feels like I pay the House note, and the car note. You can turn on the lights, you have running water, and you have heat......I Love You!!!

As a woman, she feels like he doesn't listen to her. He doesn't inspire her, he forgets to tell her that he thinks that she is pretty. He doesn't say Thank you for the things that she views as a sacrifice, He sees as simple. He doesn't bring her flowers, Yes he is a Good Provider,as a whole. As a woman, something essential is missing. She sees Love as an Emotional Connection first, so she feels like her needs are not being met. A Broken line of communication, feeling as though your significant other should know how you are feeling, and do something to change your emotions.

By then they're detached themselves because they can feel things are changing, or has changed. Just my humble opinion, this is where the 80/20 Rule (Disaster) originated from. It was never that the Men and Women in those situations didn't love each other, They did. Often times they were madly in love, but their love language was different. They never communicated that to each other.

Innately, you search to find someone who speaks your love language. Someone who accepts, and receive love the way that you do. Here is where the rubber meets the road. When you realize that everything you didn't think that you had with that person, and you were on the outside searching for, It was always there. 

They never said that they didn't love you, just the way it was being shown was vastly different. Most people don't learn this lesson until it's too late. Hence the 80/20 Rule. Communication is the key!! Instead of talking at each other, you learn to listen, and talk to each other. The world is Changing everyday, we need each other. We will not survive without finding the Common Ground to understanding.... What is your Love Language?                                                       


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I would say my love languages are both Acts of Service and Physical Touch. I tried to pick one but I couldn't. Thanks for the insight on the importance of love languages. From now on I will be asking this question in my next relationship. I feel this is important to know, that way you know how to treat your partner and he or she knows how to treat your.

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