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"What Goes Around Comes Around"

What goes around comes around....Does that mean that's how it begins, Is how it will end? There is really no changing in Midstream. Let Us All think about that for a moment. We as People, I think rarely take into consideration the severity of their actions, Until We are forced to be held accountable to them.

What goes around comes around....If Symbology is correct, That would signify that We will live at least Two Consecutive, Yet very difficult similar cycles throughout our lifetime. You are a Child once, Then you become an Adult, Who at times find that certain stages of life has now taken you back to your dependency you had as a Child.

What goes around comes around.... Reality stareing you right in the face, Gives Us All a Birdseye View of the Choices that You have made, and the way that You are choosing to live your life.

What goes around comes around.... Not many people randomly think about how just One Decision, Or False Sense of Perception can really throw the Balance of your life completely out of whack. You must be an "Intentional Thinker"... You must have an Eye for Fine Detail.

I can't stress the Importance enough on Your need to Rely on The Most High GOD.... For Direction. Only He knows the story from Beginning to End. Let GOD handle it.... Whatever it is. Do not take matters into your own hands. There is nothing worse than to find out that after all your Hard work, Pain, Blood, Sweat and Tears,.. Truth is, YOU really have just been going in circles.

You can allow yourself to become so comfortable with the Scenery. You run the risk of mistakenly convincing yourself that you are just taking the Scenic Route to your Destination. Your Assignment has not changed and you are still on Track. Maybe that is the Case..... Maybe it's not. It is hard to know when You are being Sidetracked, Or out of Alignment....If You never had no Real Sense of Direction to begin with.

What goes around comes around..... Is an Important Reminder!!! To always remain Cognitive of Our Words, Our Thoughts, and Our Actions. What We choose to put into the World.... Good or Bad Juju..... The Energy Itself will eventually find it's Original Host. Energy is Just!!!! It knows exactly where to find You. That will be the Day..... You will Get..... Exactly what You Gave. So many people try to Outrun, Or give away their place in the line.

Balance is Real.....So is Equal Give and Take, Good and Bad... Ying and Yang, Pleasure and Pain. So if any of these things hold true, I believe that We All can agree that it does. With that being said.....In order for One to have Understanding for the Other...... What Goes Around Comes Around. GOD will exact punishment....In other words..... KARMA is a Bitch!!!!

What goes around comes around.....No better sense of Understanding can Someone come to..... Then walking A Mile in Someone else's shoes. From the Cup in which You pour..... You will be the One to Drink. Keep that in Mind People...., What Goes around comes around.... Tomorrow just might be your turn.

"What goes around comes around"

                                                                                        By Jaki.

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