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"What Do You See?" 

I know that a lot of people are going to ask the question; What do I mean exactly by this question. WELL..........I will tell you, when the storms of life, show up in our everyday lives, as it often does. Are you able to see past the storm? To see the Other side where the Rainbow resides. That sounds very Poetic, and Inspiring some might say.... But when you are going through the Ups, and Downs, and All the Twists and Turns. Innately, all you really want to do is Survive the Raging Storm. If you had it Your way, You would not get wet at all.

What Do You See? Is the premise of your "Focal Point" in Balance, and Alignment? What do you see? The Chaos unfolding before your very eyes. Do You?....... Can You??? Trust your Intuition. That is Our sight without seeing. What do you see? When you are looking through your Third eye, Are you even aware? Are you able to Tap in? Do you have Full Access? What does it allow you to see? Or is this an Opportunity to rely on our Instincts, and Develop Discernment. Both of these are 'Jewels'to be Treasured that Developes, and Strengthens Over Time... IT is A PROCESS.

In a world like ours today, Most people would say.., Believe nothing you hear, And half of what you See. Inner Knowing..... That is Spiritual Sight within itself. What do you see? To Ask the question, Leads us to Finding the Answer. What You See on the Inside, You Will Undoubtedly begin to Manifest, and See it, and live it ,on the Outside.

                    "What Do You See?


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