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"Turn the Pages"

Every phase of life has it's own unique, and distinct chapter. Some were sweet, thats when you reminisced on the times that has past, the memories still invoke a smile. Some were not so sweet, and damn sure was not so pleasant. You understand that it is all by God's Grand Design to cultivate Who you are. You hold no Grudges.... Lesson Learned.

Turn the Pages....A cross between who you were, Who you are, and Who you are becoming. Rather you view this as a Blessing, or a Curse, Really is besides the point. It is a road that we all will have to travel. Nothing Stays the Same..... Nothing!!! Remember that.. Well.... Some Things do Remain the Same. Will Never Change....Do not want to Change. That is why it is so Important to turn the Pages.... So you don't become comfortable with where you are.... Afraid to Move....

Allow yourself the ability to turn the Pages in your life, and not allow Fear of the Unknown to stop you from Reaching for the Promises of GOD of what Tomorrow brings. ' It Developes Resilience and Character". Some people can get caught in certain cycles of life and unfortunately can become stuck. They lack the Ability, or Desire to Turn the Pages.... Because that would mean CHANGE!!! Everyone Does Not want to Evolve, even though they might say that they do.

Turn the Pages....There is so much about ourselves that is still yet to be Uncovered. We as people, change throughout the course of our lifetime. The person that you are Now, You were not this person 10 Years ago.....5 Years ago...Hell!!!! 6 Months ago. There really are No Right or Wrong Decisions. Situations, People, Places, Or Things can change Your Perception from minute to minute. That is why it is Imperative that you Remain Focused and Grounded. In All of Your choosing, You should Always have Your Best Interest in mind. I did not say to become selfish, and only think about yourself. NO!!! Self Preservation ( The Love of Self). There is a Huge Difference!!!!

Turn the Pages....Do not run away from your Responsibility (Your Obligation) to hold yourself Accountable for the things in your life that you know require Change. Turn the Pages.... It has, and it will always be about the Journey, not the Destination. What are you learning along the way? Are you implementing what you have learned? Do you require Hands on Attention? You will only know the truth by Turning the Pages.....Examine what you need.

Turn the Pages.... Be willing to face the challenges of life Head on, with Faith, Strength, and Pride. As Life begins to reveal more of its mysteries, You begin to feel a feeling of being Guided into Alignment. It's like you are just about to find out the plot of the movie. You are on the edge of your seat. You can't wait to see what comes next. If you are anything like Me, You will soon discover that if you freely allow yourself access, and complete Atomony to show the world and you exactly Who you are. The World would be in Awe!!!

Turn the Pages..... You must be willing to go within, In order to reap the benefit outwardly.

Turn the Pages.... It will always provide you with a clear picture of what you should keep, and what you should discard. Surprisingly enough... That turns out to be No New Real News. Turn the Pages....Inately you have always known the truth. That whatever it is... No longer serves your Highest Good. Sadly, some things must be sat aside (Relinquished) in order to reach Your Highest Potential. Knowing the difference between an Asset and a Liability..

Turn the Pages.... Sometimes memories of Christmas past, isn't so merry, but I can promise you this..... Because I Stand on God's Word.... Nothing that we have been through will be in vain. Turn the Pages.... It's the coming together of everything that you believe, the things that you have found to be untrue. The Good, the Bad, and the Indifferent. Turn the Pages.... Is the road map to find the Hidden Treasures hidden within us.

May your Discoveries be Life Changing!!

Turn the Pages......

                                                          BY JAKI. 

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