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They are very Fragile things, That can only be Established over time. It's a Strong Emotional Bond, that can Easily be Broken. When Lines, and Barriers that should be Respected, and Reverenced.....Are crossed with Insensitivity, and Blatant Disrespect. TRUST..... LOYALTY.... Building Relationships, and Friendships on a Solid Foundation. Understanding, that Everyone that comes into your life is for a reason. Not Everyone is meant to stay.

TRUST...... LOYALTY......Whispers of Deceit.. Illuminated in the LINGO that you understand. That feels like Honey to your Soul. Beware of Smiling Faces!!! The Masks Are Real!!. Whenever Pressure is Applied.....Day to Day Life. Whatever You are Made of" Will Definitely be Discovered. TRUST...... LOYALTY....Is a Commitment to Stay True to the "Rules of the Game" In a World where Anything is Rarely what it seems. What use to be Considered "Being Real" Seems to be Becoming Antiquated.....A thing of the past. The "Fuckery" is at an All Time High. Does Anyone value "Real Relationships" Anymore?

TRUST..... LOYALTY......If You Call on Me, For You, I will Come. Wherever You May Be. Question Is....In my Time of Need" Will You Come For Me. Can I "TRUST" You? And Depend on Your "LOYALTY". You will Either "Stand" Or You Will "Fold". A Brother/Sisterhood where your Word was Your Bond. It use to be a "Rite of Passage" Because You were My Lover, My Friend, My Sister, Or My Brother. We All Know that is Not how it is Now. That's why I Would think that we would Find it IMPERATIVE to keep the "Real Connections" in your life. CLOSE and PROTECTED!! Sadly, More Times then not, that is Not the case. The Fuck-Boys, and Fuck-Girls, Are Gaining Momentum in An Arena "They Never Should have been Granted Access". It's time for the "Real Shit" to Come Back.

History, tells Us, "If You Don't Stand for Something, You will Fall For Anything". Don't be a Ship Without a Rudder. What do you stand for? TRUST..... LOYALTY.... Remember back in the day? Where You could actually have a Conversation with your "Friend" and You could be Vulnerable, and share your Secrets and the Conversation Remained Between the Two People who had it. They Don't Run their mouths, talk about you behind your back. They weren't Snitches.... Because their jealous of what you have. We All have the same 24 Hours. What Someone else does with theirs, Is of No Concern to me. I Have Always Traveled My Own Course. Something's in Life are "Not For The Faint of Heart". That's just One of the many Levels of the Bullshit. TRUST..... LOYALTY.... It's Like INTEGRITY......It Defines Who You Are. Who Are You?

What type of Man, or Woman are you? Without TRUST...... LOYALTY... You Are A LIAR!!! What Foundation do you stand on? Not a Real One.... With Any Substance. I Believe it takes an "Inner Self Pride" To Consciously Decide to not Partake in the shenanigans of the "Modern Day Acceptance" of the Bullshit. I'm All for Us to be Free to be Who we are. As a Person, and People, whatever that may be. BUT.....Some things are just "Not Up For Debate". It Is Just What It Is..... PERIOD!!!!! TRUST..... LOYALTY.....It will Always Stand' For Me" Real Shit Will Never Fade. 

                 "TRUST...... LOYALTY..."                                               

    By: JAKI.

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I think people forget about loyalty and trust in relationships today. This is the basic part to me of any relationship. Loving this blog.


A good and refreshing

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