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Quiet! Quiet!..... I find myself unknowingly still and quiet. I can sense a dramatic change, in how I have begun to feel. My proverbial mindset is at an All time high progression. It seems as though a subtle, but major shift has occurred without my knowing and it seems to be taking me by surprise.

Transitions... Similar to a Metamorphosis.... Starting at the root, the beginning, Not knowing where you are actually headed.

Considering, everything that you have been through, Who will you be? When and if you come out on the other side. I can feel the change.... the progression was silent and slow....Yet Powerful!!!

Transitions..... Like a Moth evolving into a Butterfly. The cocoon was the incubation period.... The times that we stumbled in the darkness to leave behind the parts of ourselves that we were not most fond of. It really does not matter what your story is.... Everyone's story will be different. Unfortunately the commonality between the two will be the same.

Transitions....No one really knows who we will become with certain transitions. You just have to trust that GOD Almighty has All of the answers..... Even when we don't. Sometimes going through Transitions.... Can make you feel like you are on a Spin Cycle.... Draining and full of Confusion. 

Take Peace my friends, It really depends on how you choose to look at it. The Bright side is; Everything that you have experienced in this lifetime, You can combine it All together and make something the world has never seen.... YOU!!!!

Transitions.....Is like a Box of Chocolates....You never know exactly what you will get.


                                                          BY JAKI.

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