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Come Ye, Come All !!! Today I was told "The Truth" it took me by surprise to say the least. As painful as it was to hear. The words carried a tone that brought about a feeling on Being put on Notice. It was if it had never really had been Spoken in that way before. I knew in that moment that "The Truth" was being Revealed to me. It's not what I expected to hear, but GOD works in Mysterious ways. Someone else's Truth, May not be yours. What a person Believes..,Is their Truth.

"The Truth" is funny in that way, Situations will Arise, Words will be Spoken to force you to Face "The Truth" No more burying your head in the sand. Facing "The Truth" Often times can be a Bitter Pill to Swallow. "The Truth" Is Reality....It is what it is!! Acceptance is Never Optional. What do you do when you find yourself having to face "The Truth" about some things in your life that aren't so pretty, that no longer make you smile." The Truth" of the matter is, That it is time to make a Concrete Decision on what you want your life to look like, and what you want in it. Everyone always says that they want to be told "The Truth", but everyone can't handle "The Truth". You have to have Tough Skin..... You can not be of the Cowardly Decent. Everyone's direction in life will never be the same, but the Goal is the same for Us All that's "The Truth". God is the Author, We are the Co- Author of Our Lives. We are in control of what We put on the Easel.

Believe what I say, I tell No Lie!! Whatever you Create (Allow into your life) is going to stick. You better make sure whatever you decide to stand on better be Implemented in "The Truth".... And not the Bullshit. You will live with the Decision you make. I walk away with my Head held High, The Most High (GOD Himself) Says as long as I continue to walk in "The Truth" He will order my steps and I will be Blessed. He is not a Respector of Persons. What He will do for me, He will surely do for you.

To Thyself, Always remain True. You can Never be "The Truth" to Anyone else, If You, Lie to You. Always Choose to walk in "The Truth".

                    "The Truth"


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