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 "The Treasure Chest"

The Treasure Chest..... Life can be A Very Defining Thing. As Children, We lived Our lives with Strength, Courage, and Tenacity....Unincumbent of Fear. We believed that We could do anything, We Embraced the Spirit of An Eagle..... Unafraid to try New Things. Even if sometimes We didn't make the Best Decisions, We made the Best Choice that We felt We could have made with the Information that was Afforded to Us at the Time. As with So Many of Us, I Myself have been Grateful for the Experience.

The Treasure Chest..... Since the Beginning of your Conception.... Inside of Your Mothers Womb.... GOD has Always had A Plan for Your life, That Will and Must come to Pass. God's will Shall be Done here on Earth.....As it is In Heaven!!! Every Challenge that you have had to Face has been Divinely Orchestrated by The Most High GOD. Sometimes in life, There will be Highs and there will be Lows.... But When GOD has a Plan for Your life.... You will be held to A Higher level of Expectancy. He Said....To Whom that Much is Given...... Much is Expected!!!

The Treasure Chest.... GOD will put People, Situations, and Circumstances along your Path in Life to help Cultivate your Spiritual Growth..... ADVERSITY builds Character!!!. Sometimes, We rarely recognize the Jewels that was given to Us along the way. The Revelation, The Understanding, Didn't happen for many Until, They went through certain Situations and then They were made A Believer. Famous Words to Live By..... HINDSIGHT is Twenty-Twenty Vision!!! Where as, Some People like Myself, Understand that those People, Situations, and Circumstances are present in My life, Because The Most High GOD said So. He has Always Hand Picked People to Love, Teach, Guide, and Protect Me. He Promised Manna sent from Heaven. Breadcrumbs...To Sustain You on your Journey.

The Treasure Chest......As You go through Life, and GOD begins to Reveal more of Himself to you, The Closer you become to Him, The more you begin to learn about Yourself. Those Hidden Mysteries that You still do not understand about yourself, Still Eludes You. You had Not Yet Amassed that level of Understanding. GOD Understood that you were not Quite ready yet. He gives Us what We can handle..... When We can Endure what comes along with it. He Will Never put more on You than you can Stand to Bare. GOD will come and bring you Comfort... It's in These Moments that you will be Reminded of All of Things that The Most High GOD has brought you through......He Is Forever Faithful!!!

The Treasure Chest..... Lies in the Ability to Know, and Understand, That Everything in Life happens for A Reason. Rather You Understand It, OR Accept It.....OR Not!!!! Sometimes if You are Lucky, OR Should I say Blessed to See that there is A Bigger Picture in the Grand Design. You Understand that The Most High GOD is Still in Control..... Nothing Will happen in Your life without His Consent. The Enemy has No Real Power!!!!

When, And IF, The Most High GOD allows The Enemy to even Address You.... It's Only for the Benefit to Teach and Elevate You...... Never to Hurt You. Always Remember THAT!!!! GOD WILL... Use what the Enemy meant to Hurt You....To Bless You and make you better. No Weapons formed Against you Shall Prosper. It takes Dedicated Soldiers to Break Generational Curses. That is why You were Chosen by The Most High GOD.

The Treasure Chest...A Culmination of All your Life Experiences, and Everything that you have Learned. You now have the ability to look back at your life, and See just how Good GOD has been to You. You Realize He has Always been Faithful.... Even when You weren't. I have been Given so many Second Chances, That Spells Loyalty in Any Language. Some People Say, That You can learn a lot from The Old Folks... Because History does nothing but Repeat Itself. The Only thing that Changes is the Names and the Faces, GOD Himself Said.... Those that are Last..... Shall be First!!! Those that are First.... Shall be Last!!!

The Treasure Chest.... Is To Reverence The Most High GOD, With Honor and Respect. Living Your life with the Understanding that Spiritual Laws will Always Supersede Cardinal Laws.... Although You Must Honor them Both. There is Something to be Said, When You are being Divinely Guided,.....LED by The Spirit.... And Not Your Flesh. Only With The Most High GOD'S Help can One learn to do that.

The Treasure Chest.... IMAGINE, Discovering Some Old Rare Ancient Antiques and Artifacts, You can tell that They are Beyond Expensive judging by How Old they are. Each Piece tells A Unique story All of its own. Each piece passed down through Generation to Generation, Secrets, Triumphs, Mindsets, That You discovered that gave You a better Insight of where You Truly came from. Somehow You Always knew, That Something very Special existed Inside of You. You just Never knew how to find it. The Secret Was..... YOU DON'T FIND IT.... IT WILL FIND YOU!! You Can Not Lose What has Your Name on It.

Now Here You Are!!!! Your Ancestors have Entrusted You with Such A Legacy to help You Navigate through Life and pass down Blessings to not only Your Children, But Your Children's Children. There is No Limit to the Blessings The Most High GOD will Bestow Upon Your life, When You Honor Him and The Gifts that HE gave to You. HE Will, and Always Does, REWARD Our Obedience. The Journey may have been long, and A Bit Harsh at Times.... It Has Only been to Prove that The Most High GOD is Worthy of Your Praise and Your TRUST.

The Treasure Chest.....By Experiencing The Past.....We have An Opportunity to learn from Other Mistakes. To See what GOD is trying to tell US.....MARKS the Beginning of Wisdom. One Must Know....To take The Most High GOD at HIS WORD....,HE Does Not Lie. HE CAN'T LIE!!!! We're being given The Chance to have The Life that The Most High GOD Envision US to have.

The Treasure Chest..... IT All Begins..... And IT All Ends!!!!

With The Most High GOD!!!!!

                                       "The Treasure Chest"

                                                                                      By Jaki.

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