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"The Tears of a Clown"

Clowns...... No one thinks of tears. The fake tears that were painted on we all use to think that they were cute. It was all a part of the elaborate costume. We usually associate clowns with happy memories of our childhood. The Big happy smile,, the colorful outfit, and the floppy shoes. Hell, Everyone loved McDonald's, because Ronald McDonald made it seem cool. They helped to shape our next formidable steps moving forward in life.

I wonder if some of us knew the truth when we were children. The Truth that clowns often has two faces. Some were afraid of what was hidden behind the makeup. What has the power to make you laugh as a child, also possess the power to make you cry as an adult. At some point, Did we discover throughout all the laughing, and horseplay. It was whimsical and almost magical. Everything ultimately is about balance. Everything comes in pairs.....Ying and Yang! What is pleasure without pain? I didn't realize that All the time the joke was on me. I was longer crying happy Tears..... They were the Tears of a Clown....

I played Myself......I allowed myself to be caught between What use to be versus What it is Now. I got caught up in the Nostalgia of it all. I never even noticed that the Rules of Engagement, even the Scenery had drastically changed. The Tears of a Clown..... When no one else is around, and you feel like everyone is silently laughing at you, as though they know something that you don't. When you stop Indulging in childlike make-believe, often times you are only left with the Tears of a Clown.                   

"The Tears of a Clown"                                                               

  By: JAKI.


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