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"The Purge"


Wait!!! Wait!!! What are these emotions? Where did these feelings originate from? This is a uncomfortable, unfamiliar mindset. All of my senses seem to be on High Alert. I can feel an enormous pressure in the center of my chest. Something of Great Importance seems to be taking place. The Purge.... Everything seems to be All over the place. It feels like I have lost my bearings. The goal is to once again stand on Solid ground. The Purge.... Is the process you must go through to help you to understand that sometimes being lost, is so close to being found.


The Purge.... This overwhelming urgency to let go of all the things that are weighing you down, and keeping you sick. What is Rock bottom? Is the Purge accepting when you have been beaten?.... And it's time to lay down your sword and go back to the drawing board. Now, the only way from here is UP!!! The Purge.... Tears begin to fill my eyes like a running stream, I could barely see. Everything was becoming so clear, All of my struggles and accomplishments, are a true testament of how much I have emotionally, and Spiritually have grown. Today I acknowledge just how far I have come.

The Purge....Is like eating something that did not agree with you and it made you sick. Just as in life... You have to Regurgitate the Bullshit. You throw up so that you can feel better. You just want it off of your stomach. The Purge... Same rules, Same Shit, Different playbook. The Purge... Dispell the Negative, So that you can Ingest the Positive. The Purge... Giving into Hermit mode,

Surrending to moments of Isolation. Sometimes barely recognizing your own sense of self. Trying to make sense of what was broken and possibly lost.

The Purge.... Releasing All of the Negative Connotations in your life. So that you can continue to flourish and grow. The Purge... Cleaning the wounds.... Making Inventory Space so that you may Invite Life In.

                           "The Purge"

                                                          By JAKI.

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