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"The Puppet and the Puppeteer"

The Puppet and the Puppeteer..... Do you believe in magic? Do you buy into the illusion of a person being able to control something, or someone else with an invisible string? The Puppet and the Puppeteer...Or is it just some form of a magic trick? That seems to intrigue us all, You found yourself fascinated. Or is the true meaning far more deeper than the eye can see? You know what they say, If you want to hide something, All you have to do is put it in plain sight.

The Puppet and the Puppeteer..... It's Astonishing to watch how Art can definitely imitate Life. The Puppet and the Puppeteer..... Just as it is so in the act of comedy. It's equally just as true in real life. Someone else is holding the strings.... Determining how you think, How you move, Even what you value. You are being Manipulated and Controlled. Unfortunately, it isn't as apparent to the naked eye in Real life Scenarios, As it may be as an act performed on stage.

The Puppet and the Puppeteer..... Really is One of the Oldest Game in town. A lot of people have forgotten, Or just stayed away from the old ways. That is why the game still works so well today. If you know how to play it, Anyone who is on the level to even participate, understands exactly what I am speaking of. The Mastery of one's mind is Essential..... Without that key ingredient..... Well, let's just say you were never even in the game.

The Puppet and the Puppeteer......Is it really a stretch?..... My take on the subject? We watch other people do it all of the time. Some of us may be guilty of doing it ourselves. You know..... You have your hand stuck in someones back, You wind them up so tight, tighter than if they had been on an actual spin cycle. Then you release them to go and do exactly what you wanted, or needed them to do. If that is not One of the Greatest form of Mind Control I have ever witnessed.

The Puppet and the Puppeteer..... The Puppet is subservient, and loyal to their Master. They both need each other, One could not exsist without the other. They're Codependent!!!! Is any of this ringing any Bells for anyone? Other than myself? Does this remind you of anything? I'm just asking!!!! The Puppet and the Puppeteer.... Come on people, Let's be serious for a moment. It comes a time when you just have to get honest with yourself. Jokes are Jokes and we all can see and appreciate laughter and humor in a lot of things. That's part of the Illusion, The ability to make us laugh, Is a beautiful thing...... But Everything isn't funny.

I'm beginning to wonder if people are even aware of the Illusion, and that so many people are living in that exact same illusion in their everyday life, and don't even know it. To Me, in my humblest opinion, It seems like a neverending cycle of Dysfunction. That people have just learned to live with. The Puppet and the Puppeteer... Sadly there seems to be many people in the world that require Adult Supervision, They require Guidance and Direction. They seem to lack a sense of belonging, I mean how else could You ever be content with not having a voice of your own. The only voice that you have is the one that someone else permits you to have.

They're like a Ship without a Rudder!!!! Just as the rule in life goes, If You don't have a plan for your life, You can bet you will become a part of someone else's plan. The part you get stuck playing..... Now that can be suspect!!!! Which leads me to my next point. There will always be someone who has an insatiable appetite to control. Again, I reiterate.....One cannot survive without the other. There is a need that is being met, that only themselves can understand.

Separation in any form would lead to a Total Meltdown. One wrong move, and your secret would be told. What people thought was so amazing and wonderful, you had people hanging on the edge of their seats. They just couldn't seem to get enough of you, Everyone loves it when the world is singing their praises.

The Puppet and the Puppeteer....If You are not in control of what you can do, How you think, You have no voice of your own. The only power that you possess is the power that is given to you.

What does that make you? A Robot? A Shell? Or a Puppet?

                 You Decide!!!!!                "The Puppet and the Puppeteer"

                                                                                    By Jaki..

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