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"The Picture"

Lights!! Camera!! Action!! The movie has begun to play, there are some Familiar Scenes I can seemingly identify. Somethings I thought I had subsequently forgotten. The Picture…Begins to tell a specific story, that was becoming abundantly clear. The Picture…Often times contain fragments of the truth, and all of the Lies that you have told yourself. The Picture…Is your Reality stareing Right back at you. 

The Picture… Does not Lie, it can’t Lie, it’s not designed to. It keeps an accurate account of all events, the Highs and the lows. It Really doesn’t allow you to be stuck in a Fantasy, Suppressing your reality. It only projects what it has been allowed to see. The Picture… Is the writing on the wall, The Picture…The Reel is rolling, Showing you all the choices that you have made. Good or Bad!! The more that you look at the picture the more you are made aware there use to be question marks, there weren’t any real answers. 

Or could it be you just weren't paying attention? But you are now… You really have had your fill of Re-runs in your life. The Picture…Realizing that you are at a crossroad in your life. You can either pay attention, and apply everything you have learned. Or will you bury your head in sand? And pretend that you don’t see the truth. 

The Picture… Will demand a response..See no evil!! Hear no evil!!...will get you nowhere. The Picture… Will allow you to see all that you will ever need to see. It will hold you accountable… The Picture... Will leave nothing to chance… Make no mistake… The test is coming!!! You will not be able to say to anyone, not even yourself, “Why didn’t anyone tell me”.

The Picture… What do you really want? You will have to choose!!! The Picture… Can sometimes show you things that you wish not to see. The Picture… Can also show you what the Future can bring…

If you so choose it.. The Picture…For all intent purposes. The Picture… Is your true reflection… It Shows you the core of who you are. The Picture …Are you seeing the picture clearly? 

                          “The Picture”

                             By: Jaki 

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