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"The Mind"

Is a terrible thing to waste. It is a small muscle that weighs approximately three pounds. You could probably hold it in your hand, but it packs a powerful punch. The Mind...A true testament that Big things can come in small packages. The Mind... No one truly knows all the compilations and Intricacies that are co- joined

together to create the human mind. God's Masterpiece!

The Mind.... within itself is a very strong self contained organism. The body with all of its amazing abilities still would fail to function without the power of the human mind. Where the Mind goes the body will follow. The Mind...Still can take but so much, often times sadly Trauma, Depression, Loss, and even Heartache can be a Traumatic Blow to the mind.

It can have irreputable results that can last a lifetime. The Mind.... Can be your One True Ally,, if you pay attention to the signs that it is trying to show you.

The Mind..... Knows the truth about the whole situation, Even if you are not exactly ready to accept the harshness of the Truth. The Mind.... Really does not give a Damn about your feelings, Or Appeasing your Inflated Ego. Believe it or Not!! The Mind... Takes no pleasure in the Mind Fuck. The Mind... Knows what is really real, and it knows what must be done. Sometimes we can be at a lost on what to do in certain situations, The Mind.... Will reveal the answers when you are in balance to not only Hear the Truth. .. But also able to see the Truth.

The Mind..... Can and will often times play tricks on you. Maybe that is Gods way to see if you are paying attention. The Mind.... Is a Hell of a Compass on an Internal level. The Mind.. Can turn into a Hard to Tame, Unruly Beast if allowed to run rampant. The Mind... Can be a very Two Face Thing. Sometimes it can not be told what it does not want to hear. The Mind.... The Divine Connection to your Spirit. You have to be quiet and try to maintain balance. The Mind. ..Has the unique ability to show you what you need to see at the allotted time you need to see it. The Minds Eye, I believe that is what they call it. The Mind.... Deserves Reverence and Respect. PAY HOMEAGE!!! Your Mind has brought you a mighty long way, even after all of the Hell you have put it through. To ever think Anything Different is to be selling yourself short. The Mind.... Is telling you a Fascinating story, Are you Listening?

                        "The Mind"

                                                        BY JAKI.

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