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"The Meaning of Love"

Despite any obstacles that come our way, and all the many differences we've shared, I find myself loving you more with time. I love you when our moods vary, and our opinions go in opposite directions. I love you when your ideas aren't quite the same as mine, and our beliefs may clash. I love you when you take a stand on what you feel is right, even if I don't feel the same.

I love you when you are tired and grumpy, and don't want much to do with me at the moment. I love you no matter what, even as we struggle to be our own individuals. I've learned that I love you most of all because you are different from me and you can express it. I love you for what you believe, for the emotions you feel, and for the ideas that help me open my own mind to possibilities I haven't yet explored.

                  "The Meaning of Love"


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