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"The Journey"

The Journey... To start at the beginning is the only way to tell this story with validity and absolute truth. The Journey... Did we ever really know where the choices that we made would lead us to in life? The Journey...Or is it just taking a chance on blind faith? Wherever you wind up, Is where you are suppose to be. Because the truth is...It really is all about the Journey.... Not the Destination.

The Journey...Is a blueprint of Life's roadmap, As you continue to travel it, A whole other world opens up to you. So much information at the tip of your fingers. The Journey... Ensures the learning of the lessons of life. The Journey... Can be hard, and it can be cold, It can also be rewarding at the same time. It will always afford you the ability to see what you need to see, And Everything Else that you don't.

The Journey.... Will bring forth Growth and Discipline. The challenges that life alone will push you to see, Can and Will evoke a change in you from the inside out. You will never be the same...It is called A Transformation. Rather that is a good or bad experience, I guess really depends on your perspective and resolve. Just as with anything else... Everyone's situation will undoubtedly be different from yours.

The Journey.... Will bring you full circle. What you use to partake in as a child, the mindset that you use to have. You are no longer afforded that privilege as an adult. You realize that life does not always play fair.....It just is what it is. 

The Journey.... Will make you Bare witness to the Truth.... Whatever that may be.

                                         "The Journey"

                                                                            By Jaki.

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