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"The Door"

The Door....A symbolic metaphor that often times signifies the changing of the guard in our lives. What do I mean by that? You might ask! Well, let me begin to explain. The Door....Is that small glimpse of light, in your minds eye (Your Psyche) that almost seems like a glare. A figment of your imagination, but you know that you can see it. The Door...Is the minds way of getting your Undivided Attention on a Soul Level.

The Door...Will cause you to reflect on past challenges, Regrets, and Growth. It will allow you to see all the things that you have Outgrown. The Door... Remember those times when you have felt trapped in certain situations? At a total loss on what you should do.... Somehow when it was all over, the answer was simple.

You could not even believe it yourself. Looking back in Hindsight you now say to yourself was it really just that simple. All I had to do was walk through The Door. The Door.... Is not always an easy transition, Sometimes you have to be willing to close some Doors in your life, So that New Doors can be opened. The Door..Will propel you to keep moving forward...If you have ever had to close any Doors in your life, I am sure you will understand what I am going to say. Some Doors closed...By No Choice of your own. Some Doors were closed.....By Constant Prayer...

Either way..... You Definitely now know what you want, and what you don't want. The Door..Will Force you to keep reaching for the other side. Everyone wants what they believe they deserve. The Door...It may sometimes take All that you have to keep walking through it. It's Worth IT.... You're Worth IT...Push... Push!! Failure is Not An Option.... Almost doesn't count.

The Door.... Affords Us All Insight, and the Freedom of Choice. It can be an Infinite Struggle to leave behind Aspects of Ourselves, and Our lives that we are Most Familiar with. Good, or Bad it has served us well. It's like your Best pair of shoes, You love them. You get alot of compliments on them, you spent a lot of money for them too. You truly be feeling yourself everytime you put them on. Your Self Esteem be at All Time High. The Only Problem is.... Everytime you put them on, they hurt your feet. At first, You tried to ignore the discomfort, Because you can't get past How Vested you are. Meaning; How good They look on you, and How much money you have spent.

You try to put a little space in between the times that you wear them. Hoping for a Change... But sadly you discover they hurt your feet even more, More often. You use to be able to get a couple of hours of wear, Now you can barely take two steps. You know that it is time to give them away. Regift them to someone else who can get a better use. To You , they have served their purpose. How good they make you look, No longer outweighs how badly they have begun to make you feel. Do you see where I am going with this?

The Door.....Has two sides designed to Allow you to see Both Sides Clearly. It's the Combination of your Heart, Mind, and Spirit coming together to form a concise picture, so you can make an Informed Decision.

Do you have what it takes to walk through The Door?

                         "The Door"

                                                           BY JAKI.

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