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"The Domino Effect"

The Domino Effect..... Let's start at the beginning shall we?.... Which usually takes Us back to our Childhood. How You were raised, What You were subjected to, the Happiness, and the Pain that you may have endured plays a Distinct, Undeniable, and Concrete part in your Decision making process.

The Domino Effect.....Every Decision or Choice that you have ever made has had a direct impact on your life, and the Directions you have chosen to take. Some of the Choices that you made may have ended successfully with outcomes you could live with. Others have felt like being led down a Dark Alley, Without a Glimpse of Light no where in sight. That is why it is Imperative that you remain conscious, and self aware of the choices that you make. Rather you realize it Or not, Subconsciously you are putting into motion what you will eventually see show up in your life. It's Equivalent to building Blocks!!! Some Shit Storms Originate from your own creation.

The Domino Effect.... Sometimes We often take chances hoping it will lead to our Desired, Expected Outcome. Sometimes you may get lucky and catch a break, and sometimes you don't. Some things that you have Manifested, and put into motion, You can't seem to run fast enough, or far enough from. If only you knew then what you know now. What should that phrase serve as? "The National Anthem"" Because Everyone knows the words....

The Domino Effect.... Aligning Oneself within the perimeters of Structure and Discipline. Understanding the Undeniable need to be Disciplined Spiritually and Emotionally Grounded. You must remain Aware, You hold the Foundational Format in your hands. One false move and your whole House of Cards can come tumbling down.

The Domino Effect.... Has the potential to change the Game. With a clear and Balanced Mindset, Determination, and movement with Intention..... You may very well find Yourself being Catapulted to the front of the line. Talk about hitting the Ground running..... Being ahead of the Curve. Isn't GOD Good?!!!

The Domino Effect.... Be very mindful of the Energy that You are pushing forward out to the Universe. Make sure it's Fair and Just.... Because in the Event that it is not.... It will be that very same Energy that will Boomerang right back to You and hit You Dead square in Your Ass!!!!! That is what is known as "The Domino Effect"

            "The Domino Effect"

                                                                                  By Jaki.

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