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"The Cost"

Hidden labels, Price Tags! The weight of your choices and indecision. The Cost...Are you willing to pay? Can you afford it? Nothing is ever really free. The question is; Is The Cost....Out in the open that you can visually see it? You know exactly what you would be committing yourself to? Or was The Cost... Hidden? And you didn't realize The Cost.... Until you had to pay it? The Old folks refer to it as..." The Hidden Perils of Life"

The Cost.... Sometimes outweighs what was given back to you in return. Somehow it just doesn't seem fair..... Given your many sacrifices. In my humble opinion, The Cost...Of Real happiness can be too much to pay. What do I mean? Well... As beautiful as those memories may very well be, When those memories come to an end for whatever reason it may be. Those same exact memories comes at a very High Cost just to be able to reminisce about. What can make you Laugh, Has the power to make you cry.

The Cost... Damn near asked for more than you had to give. You do it in spite of the discomfort and pain it may bring. It has also brought you an Abundance of happiness. I am beginning to understand how some people would stay in a relationship where they were emotionally unhappy, but they shut that side of themselves down. Or they satisfied what was missing with outside interests. They allow themselves to stay because the financial need is being met , Especially when there are children involved. The Choice to stay solidifies The Cost.... Putting their security, and well being of their children, above their own personal happiness.

The Cost..... Although, everything that I just said is the truth! It sounded like a scene out of a romance novel. It is not my intention to try and romanticize this situation. The truth is; The Cost... Often times can be an Ugly and Painful thing. The Cost... Is really equivalent to just reading the fine print....In every situation of your life. When you reflect on The Cost....Of the Highs and Lows of life. You have often times heard people, especially celebrities say " You don't know what The Cost....Of my success was". Stop saying you want to be like me " That is why many do not consider themselves to be Role models. Which in lament terms: Never aspire to walk in someone else's shoes. You Don't know their struggles.

The Cost....Of the Oil in your Alabaster Box is going to be completely different than anyone else's. That is a Sacred Relationship between the Most High GOD, and You. The Cost... Is one of the many reasons you praise God the way that you do. Only you know how He has been GOD in your life. The Cost.... Often times can be, Being led out of the darkness into the light. The Cost... Growing, and Evolving, learning from your past mistakes. It cost to do what you know is right. When you have been so use to doing what you want.

The Cost.... You can not avoid the inevitable....It cost to travel. The Tolls will be paid. The Cost.... We're in the last quarter....A Decision must be made. The Cost..... Willing to Let Go of the past.....In hopes of Embracing your future.

The Cost.....As I said before, Are you willing to pay it? Can you afford it?

                                      "The Cost"

                                                                                                By Jaki.

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