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 "The Conversation"

The Conversation.....I Am a little nervous, A bit Reluctant, If I am to be completely honest, Engaging in The Conversation..... That I am trying to discuss today.

The Conversation..... First of All , Let me make this Abundantly Clear to All of those who may feel like they were mentioned Metaphorically,, Or Theoretically, Please Do Not Internalize My Opinion. It is just that.....My Opinion on how I view certain situations.

I personally can Attest to the Fact, That the Words that I write today, Comes from A Pure Healthy Spiritual Place. I just would like to try to Understand. As the Old Analogy Goes..... The Only way to know is to Ask the Question!!!!

The Conversation....... What Constitutes being A Real Nigga Today? Where did All The Real Men go? Hold On, Hold On, Hold On....Calm Down!!!! I can just Imagine the Hair on the Back of Most Mens Necks standing straight up. Saying.... What in the hell, Do I mean? Well, If those Questions has You scratching Your Head.... Imagine My State of Confusion as A Woman, Being told by "Real Niggas, Real Men". That because of All the Chaos that is going on in the World, People are rarely being Who they say that they are.....

Real Men are tired of Getting Burned, So they say. So they are Basically in Hiding... Until the Smoke clears!!! God made Man the Head, and gave You Dominion.... The Woman was Always Your Helpmate. Because God Believed that Man should Not be Alone. MEN!!! Have You lost Your Authoritative Nature? Or have You Allowed it to Run Wild? Or Just lie Dormant? Now when You Attempt to Tap into it....It Comes Off as Controlling!!! Even You are not use to The Power at Hand.

So I in turn Replied.....Where Does that Constitute being Real? MEN....Are the Protectors...God Divinely Designed it to be that way. Where is there Any Honor to leave Us to fend for Ourselves. No wonder there are so many Women who operate in their Masculine Energy, On a Day to Day Basis...If They didn't.... Odds are She would be Eaten Alive!!!

We can go back and forth, All Day on the Part that You can say that A Woman plays. It's IRRELEVANT!!!! It's A Mans World..... We're just trying to Survive in it. Which brings Me to My next Perspective on The Conversation..... Again, Let Me Reiterate, I am here to form Bonds into Friendships.... Not create Resentment, Due to lack of Understanding.

The Purpose of The Conversation.....Is to Try to find Understanding and Enlightenment, To get An Up Close View of Both Sides of the Coin. The Conversation.... Almost Everyone Professes that they are Gay, OR Sexually Fluid these days. What Does that even mean Anymore? The Conversation... What Am I Referring to, You might ask. Well!!! Everyone is All Too Familiar with the L.G.B.T.Q Community, But Now there has been Additions that has been added to the List... Like the +++ Acronym. Does that mean that? Now Anyone can join. I thought there was A Protocol, A Criteria, A Level of Certain Expectation.

More like A Sense of Pride, That Defined how Gay MEN and Women conducted Themselves. It Has Absolutely Nothing to Do with keeping Their Lifestyles in The Closet. It just seems as Far back as I can remember, From the Outside looking in, They were very Private People, Who moved in the Energy of.... It's Not What You Do.... But How You do it!!! That is just A Formidable Law, All Over the World. That Will Yield Your Respect, No matter Who You are.

So with that being said, Your Sexuality is Not in Question, It Really Does not matter here.

I would like to know; When did it become Common Practice that "Traditional Laws" That Everyone Claims that they Stand for that Defines Your Character and Integrity. Are the very Same Principles that are being Defamed, Not Remembered, OR Barely even being Practiced. What A Way to Pay Homage to The Real Shit!!!!

The Conversation..... The Reason I Specifically chose to Pair these Two Burning Topics together. For ONE..... It has been Something that has Stimulated My Curiosity, From A Human Nature Perspective. Although the Two Situations are Vastly Different but the Underlying Point is One in the Same.....At the End of Day.. MEN Are MEN. TWO.... The Conversation.... Needed to have Some Light Shed on the Subject. I can safely say I have been Confused this Whole time.

The Conversation........My Final Hypothesis!!! I Liken Many Men, Saying that they are Real This, Or They are Real that. Nowadays, It's just like Someone saying that they are Gay..... Anyone Can Join!!! Just like being in the Army, All You have to do is Show up and Enroll, and be willing to be All that You can be. Then Extend The Don't Ask.... Don't Tell Policy. How will You ever truly know Who You are getting as a Person? If the Principals that They stand on As a Human Being are not clear?

When Called Upon to Stand on the very Foundation that You hold in Such High Esteem.... You Buckle at the Knees, and to seemingly Always drop the Ball. MEN!!! Seems to No longer Value One of the Most Important Rules!!! Rule ONE... Your Own Code of Conduct As a Man. Presentation is Key!!! Remember?? Gentlemen... When Your Reputation Spoke for You. It Carried A lot of Weight.... Because It Spoke Volumes. These Days, That is No longer A Feather in Every Mans Cap!!

The Conversation......In All of the History of Great MEN....There were Always Rules!!! Without Discipline and Resolve, You were considered No Different than A Savage Beast. That is why the BI-LAWS were Created, and Put into place, For Desperate Times such as these. MAN!!! Can be known to Get A little Besides Himself.

We, As A People, Must Always Ensure that Certain Traditions Remain in tact. That very Stability Marks Our very Way of Life. It Should Never be Changed....OR Taken for Granted. Change!!! Is eminent!!!! In this case...It is So Necessary!!!!

No Shade to Anyone!!!!! But Thumbs Up to The Real MEN that Still Exist. They're Not just Talking.... Their Walking the Walk. MEN!!!! WHO still stand on Principle and The Old Ways still Abide in Them. MEN!!! Time to Come Out of Hibernation, And Show Yourselves. ORDER IS REQUIRED!!!!!

The Conversation...... The Nonsense that is being Permitted......IS Not what you say, Solid Standup MEN would Stand for As Real MEN.

The Conversation..... The Foundational Laws that "All MEN Must Stand On" That Structure in Your Life that Separates You from the Rest. That is What Makes You Great!!!!


 "The Conversation"

                                                                 By Jaki.

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