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In the fast moving pace of my everyday struggles, and enjoyments of life. I often forget to say "THANK YOU " as often as I should. From my Heart, and Soul I am grateful. You have always been there for me, throughout my life. You are my Comforter, and my Savior in my Triumphs in life, and my darkest hours.

'THANK YOU..... For not allowing No weapons formed against me to prosper. It doesn't mean that I have not experienced the heartache, cruelty that can often times exist in the world. I have been blessed to have had equally wonderful experiences too. I'm so grateful everyday that I have You to depend on. When I look back on many Choices, and Decisions that I have made, I believed in that moment in time was with my Best interest in mind, but that was not Always the case. You was Always there to light my way, and Restore my sense of direction.

Because of your 'UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ' I know WHO I Am, And WHOSE I AM. I ' THANK YOU ' I am a Child of the MOST HIGH GOD. You never told me that there would not be ' Trials and Tribulations. We can always expect Turbulence, that is just a Natural Expectation of life.. You promised that you would be here with me throughout it all. 'THANK YOU...... For Always keeping your word.

You show me every day, you show the world that you are GOD..... ALL BY Yourself!!. THANK YOU..... For bring WHO you are in my life. You are So Real to me, You are the ONE TRUE LIVING GOD. The ALPHA, and THE OMEGA.... Forever your name, and praises will be on my lips. You are worthy to be praised for all that you have done, and continue to do in my life.

THANK YOU......Where would I be without YOU? 

THANK YOU......I never have to find out.                                         


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Love this.




I'm glad to know that taking time out to say "Thank You" is recognized in today's fast pace world. "Thank You" for writing this.

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