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"Stranger!! Danger!! A sense of Unfamiliarity can take shape in all forms of your mind and life. Rather they are subtle changes that are barely noticeable to the Naked Eye. Or the changes were so fast they seem to blow your mind. Sometimes things can happen in our lives that can turn life as we know it upside down. Have you ever walked past a mirror, and could barely recognize the person stareing back at you? Your Reflection was now a Stranger.

Whether it's because of a receding hairline, or your Hips has gotten a little wider. Whatever the case!! You ask yourself the Question! What the hell happened? When in the hell did it happen to me? What?? All of this, when I was not looking. I mean think about it truthfully, How Uncomfortable that would be to have to admit that you feel like a Stranger to Ourselves. Imagine" If it would cause such Uncomfortabilty on a Visual level on what the world can clearly see.. What are the dangers that are being Hidden? When it is kept quiet, spoken only to Oneself. I wonder is that One of the reasons.... Often times two people who say that they love each other and they know each other and really they are Absolute Strangers.

I have seen people stay together twenty years, raise a family together, Overall build a Good Life. On the Outside looking in, it looked as though that was the Blueprint to follow to Success. But the truth is..... They didn't Communicate, they didn't listen to each other. They were Strangers....They just shared a Common Goal. There is a Big Difference!!

I'm going to support the Theory; If we can allow ourselves to Veer away from what makes us who we are, and keep it to Ourselves that often times we feel like a Stranger to Ourselves. What do you think our Significant others are doing? Keeping their secrets to themselves too. That is how 'Strangers come to be, between two people who say they genuinely Care. Distance!! Doesn't just happen, It's a Slow Process. Seperation, Often times is very painful. I said that to say that you can Choose to do Differently. The same way that you Created the monster, is the Same way that you must Dismantle it. Now first let me say.... Much Love... But if Anything I just said went over your head in Any way.....This is not your story.....

To those who Understood..... Were Rolling!!! Intimacy..... Can be Fluid and still remain Respected. It helps to Strengthen Relationships to reach their highest potential. You can be a your own children. They can also be 'Strangers to us as well. TRANSPARCENY is the key!!! Value your Relationships. Don't become a Stranger in your own life. Because if you Allow that to happen, You will not only be taken by Surprise, by the lost of your hair, Or how wide your hips may have stretched. You will realize that you don't recognize you.       

    "Don't be a Stranger!                       


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