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"Star Player"

"Star Player"

Are you honest with the person starring back at you in the mirror? Or have we become to comfortable with the false anonymity that we believe the lies we tell ourselves will provide us. Even if the world never recognizes the lies that you hide behind, it is still you who will suffer, because it is You that is wearing the mask. Being too afraid to be who you are, fearing not being accepted for being different, thinking differently. Hell, to be completely honest, some people do not even know who they are. Trying so hard to fit in, to have some sense of belonging. They have no real sense of their identity, that is why when you meet most people, you don't get introduced to them , you meet their representative. We all have been guilty of this throughout our lifetime. We all are human, often times the Truth hurts. I think God intended for it to be that way, to invoke consciousness, and change.

That is one of the many reasons,we as people get so upset, come completely out of character. Often times, will even result to violence. Everyone says that they want to be told the truth, but everyone can't handle the truth. You may never tell Anyone the truth about Everything. Truthfully, you are not suppose to, but the One person you should never lie to is Yourself. See the truth of the matter is, If you never lie to yourself, you have no reason to ever lie to Anyone else. Being transparent, living in Your truth, allows a rewarding freedom all in it's self. There is a very fine line with living in Your truth, and keeping it Real. Again, be honest with your Star Player, We all are made aware on an Internal level by the MOST HIGH , when is the time to allow the mask to come off, and evolve into our Authentic Selves. That is a choice Family, most of us fail to make. Those are the people who say that is just the way I am. This is me, and I am keeping it 100. Not realizing they are inflicting the most Debilitating Act upon themselves.... DENIAL......

You are hurting no one else but you , you have lied to to the world, and yourself for so long, as they say...Now... even you believe your own bullshit. We have a responsibility to ourselves,as well as other people not to bleed all over them, with all our Unhealed Wounds. You have an obligation to yourself to discipline, and put yourself in check, So no one else feels like they have to. As children we did foolish things that was to be expected. As Adults, we are suppose to put aside our foolish antics. When you know better you in turn do better. When you Lie to your Star Player, it is only you in the end that will pay the price.

To thyself, Always remain true, It is when you are not, The World or You will never know who you really are. The Mask is your identity. Be True to your Star Player.........                                                 

  By: JAKI.

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1 Comment

I feel being true to yourself is knowing when you have the mask on and when you have the mask off. Sometimes in life we have to have on a mask but when you don't know the difference that's when you have a problem.

However, I think if you have to wear the mask to long this can effect you emotionally and physically. So for me I try to keep myself out of situations where I feel I have to wear a mask in order to keep my own sanity. In saying this, you have to be comfortable at looking at yourself in the mirror knowing you wear a mask.

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