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Spiritual Gangsters

Don't get it twisted!! It is a known fact that often times people are rarely who they seem to be. Here is where the potato is well done, and you can stick a fork in it. Some people may not look like much to you, Or be a Prominent piece in your Elite circle of friends. Try to never dismiss Anyone, and think that you are counting someone out. Believe Me!! You are not. They are not too concerned with the Challenges that follow living in the flesh. Their focus is to Live and Operate in the Spirit. They are Spiritual Gangsters.... People who GOD Himself has chosen to Bestow his favor upon.

That is why the Bible tells us, Be careful how you treat people, Because you never know if you are Encountering an Angel, or the Son of Man Himself. It's a Test!! On the Character of your Heart. Fortunately!!! You Can't Cheat....Be Prepared! Stay Ready!! There are rules that we all must follow in our everyday lives, and they are Enforced at different levels, and when broken there are "Consequences" Some you can live with.... And some you can't. Well!!! Spiritual Laws are Equally, if not more Important. If you think for One second that I don't know what I am talking about. Take a moment and think about it. Get Tied up in the Spirit, Find yourself in Spiritual jail. Mistreat One of God's Chosen....Or the love One of One of God's Chosen. Watch how Bad Luck will follow you like a Shadow.

We all have heard other people say it, Or we have said it ourselves.....I have/had a Praying Mother, Grandmother... etc... etc. Or So and So is looking down on me from Heaven. Some people in this world are so Highly Favored by GOD, That they are known as "Walking Karma". Make the mistake of mistreating them in Anyway,... It will not take you long to see the Error of your ways. I will just tell you that....It is Designed to be a Learning Lesson.

To be tied up in the Spirit!!! How does that look in your life? So that Anyone who may find themselves a bit confused... I'll Explain. Have you ever seen someone that everything that they touch slips through their fingers? Much like sand flowing through an Hour Glass. Chaos, Seems to randomly Erupt in almost every aspect of their life in One way or Another. Someone went to GOD, Or GOD took it upon Himself....There is Power in Prayer. I keep telling Y'all that their are rules to this shit. GOD Himself said; That you Dare not touch One hair on the Head of his Anointed. He is going to come to Defend his Children. A hard head will make a Soft Ass. What you can not be told....He will Definitely show you. I guess the Highlight of this story is. ..Short.... Sweet.... But Very True!! The Next time you think about mistreating someone, Or purposely trying to give someone the Short end of the Stick. Remember!!! Remember my Words!!! Some people are Spiritual Gangsters in Heaven, and the Shit Storm that you will Unleash in your life, You will not be able to hold with Both Hands. Spiritual Gangsters Are Real.                             

"Spiritual Gangsters"                                                           


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