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Soul Sick

"OH my God!! I'm so, so sorry. Please forgive me for my lack of knowing, Or allowing my foolish Pride and Ego to run rampant, that I seem to have forgotten all about you. Telling the whole world how much I love you, Sharing the gifts that you blessed me with. Soul Sick.... When I realized that you deserve nothing but my Absolute best. I've given my best to people, places, and things that was never deservant of any of it.

Soul Sick....I now realize that I have been gratifying my flesh. If I was living in the Spirit, I would Honor You... Chosen Ones are held to a Higher Standard and Accountability. My Soul knows the truth, In your word you clearly say you cannot Serve Two Masters at the same time. You will cling to One and Hate the other. Soul Sick....All this time I have struggled Emotionally and Spiritually to shed the pain of letting go of things that no longer served my Highest Good. My soul has been crying out for me to listen. That's why I wake up in the middle of the night and I can't sleep. It's time to Let it All Go and Trust God... COMPLETELY!!!

Everything that has led to this point was all for this moment of Revelation and Reflection. Not just say that you love GOD.... But every action that you take has GOD in mind first. For those that love Him, He will order your steps. It so Dangerous to always try to control the narrative in every aspect of your life. You will become too comfortable with having things"Your Way". Moving and Operating without any forethought of Consequence. What your Flesh wants, Will never be what your Spirit needs. Remember that!!!

You will find yourself Soul Sick..... When you realize all the time you put into Silencing the Subtle sounds of your spirit, to Satisfy your Flesh. (What you wanted right then, right now). Only to put All of that effort in, to have it Blow Up in your face in the end. You never truly got what you Desired.. You Barely got what you wanted. There was No Way that you could, It wasn't built on the Right Foundation. Was it worth it? Are you learning from the mistakes that you have made? Only you know the Real Answer. Soul Sick..... When you realize you Risked your Everything for a Little bit of Nothing.

Soul Sick.... The Most Important thing you Must Never Forget.... The Healing Power of GOD.                       

 "Soul Sick"                                               


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