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"Sexual Healing"

Do you believe that sex can be healing? SEX! No!! Sex is just Sex!! It may very well have been good to you, or the best you ever had.. Without a "Internal Connection".. . It's just Sex! No matter how good it was. Now on the other hand.... Sexual Healing.... For me, My personal belief would be to say Yes. Sexual Healing... Can be exactly what it says that it is. The reason I say this may come off as a bit Erratic.... Yet simple and true. Have you ever been touched by someone, and just from the heat that you felt come from their hand, combined with the gentleness of their touch, awakened All of your senses.

Depending upon the circumstances of the situation, determined your uncomfortability. LoL. You tried to keep your composure. Sexual Healing... When the Anticipation of what is yet to come begins to take over. Sexual Healing....Is love making, It can be physical, but it does not always have to be. Sometimes it can be something as simple as a kiss, to awaken that side of yourself that has been Dead and Dormant. It's not that you have never been kissed, or made love to..... You have!!! But!!! When you stumbled across that Good Sex.... With that Sexual Healing.....It was Mind Blowing.

Believe it or not, The best sexual fantasies, or Encounters you have had, or will ever experience, started in the Mind first. How can you make a plan come to fruition? If you can't visualize the part that you are suppose to play. HMMM!!! Just something to think about. Sexual Healing....Starts with the connecting of two Minds, and Souls in order to completely understand what the Body wants and Craves.

Sexual Healing..... Do not make the mistake of believing that the Act of Making love to someone is All that there is, As Mind Blowing and Explosive of an Experience that it may have been..... Believe Me, The rabbit hole goes much deeper than that. Sexual Healing.... Some people have been Blessed by GOD to carry a Healing Energy.... And it is Illuminated through their Sex and when they make love to you..... They're Healing to your Spirit. You can feel something is Completely different, You can't explain it... You just know that Nothing has ever felt this Good. It Almost feels Angelic!!

Sexual Healing..... DAMN!! Am I Addicted? You ask yourself over and over again. You try to maintain your strength..... After all, You are a force to be reckoned with yourself. You are not going out like a punk. Sexual Healing.... The Power of their passion....The way that they are Stretching Your jeans, Rather you are a Man or a Woman has you open like a 24 hour Liquor store. Looking for them in the Day time with a flashlight. Marvin Gaye sung about the Power of Sexual Healing and how addictive it was. 

Sexual Healing..... Making love to the Mind, Exciting the body, Igniting All of your Senses ever known to man. The coming of two people who are equally desiring each other. The Hunger is Great; To satisfy the Animalistic, Sensual, Passionate, Untamed side of ourselves. Everyone of Us desires someone who can Tame the Beast within.... Give us what we are looking for. OOH My GOD,!!! If you are lucky enough to find it. Sexual Healing.... Would it surprise you to know that, that is how most people communicate? Show Love? Through Sexual Healing.... Good Sex!!

Sexual Healing.... Look at this way, Sexual Healing may be the Gateway to Healing broken relationships and establishing New ones. Energy to Energy..... Skin to Skin....An Undeniable Connection, Like a Volcano erupting, The passion is so Intense, it's Insane. When All of your energy is being drained, and given back to you All at the same time.

                    " Phenomenal'

Sexual Healing.... Can and Will, Quench your thirst, just like a Cold drink of Ice cold water.

                         "Sexual Healing"

                                                  By JAKI.

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Sexual Healing can help with stress to me. Great read!!

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