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"Running the Race"

Running the Race.....Get on your Mark, Get Set, Go!!!! We started with excitement, Inspired by the best intentions. Filled with Speed and Agility with the wind beneath our wings. Running the Race....

Running the Race..... The ability to take in stride that Running the Race....Comes with Highs and Lows. Sometimes the stretch can be long, and the hurdles in front of you can seem insurmountable.

You must strengthen, and balance yourself to be able to endure the pressure that you presently find yourself facing. Running the Race... Not allowing yourself to become distracted by what Anyone else is doing. Everyone's course will be different, So will be the path that is chosen. You must keep your eyes on the prize. Remember!!! Although people may be friendly, They are also there trying to Run the Race...... They are not there to support you in the race.

Although sometimes throughout some of the unexpected curves you were given, Sometimes it seemed like someone just showed up right in knick of time to assist you in your time of need. That is what is known as meeting "A Good Samaritan" along the way. They are not there to help you to carry your cross. They are there to help you to Bare it. Running the Race .... Is the understanding that life is a beautiful thing, that is meant to be enjoyed. We should take every opportunity to ingest everything that life has to offer, But it will always come with its own set of challenges.

Running the Race...... Understanding what will be, Will Be. You stay in your own lane, you travel at the speed that you are most comfortable with. You understand that speed isn't what sustains you in a race, Or even solidifies your win. Endurance.... The ability to remain consistent and steadfast, With an unwavering desire Not to Quit. Running the Race.....Is making a solid commitment for your life...,. And Excuteing it with.... Style and Grace!!!!!

Running the Race..... Is not about being in competition......If You choose to look at it from a High Vantage Point, You will see that it doesn't have anything to do with competing at all.....At least Not with Anyone Else.

Running the Race...... Everyone wants to Win..... Take the role of 1st place No Doubt. Everyone wants to be the best.... The GOAT!!!! I am someone who truly embraces Ambition.....I guess in Truth when you look at it, It may be some what competitive in some aspect. You must be compelled to Run the Good Race. Taking a break, If needed.... Sometimes is Acceptable. Quitting is Never an Option!!!!

Running the Race..... With Perseverance and Determination, Breaking through the Barriers, Keeping the Wind at your back.

Because a Quitter Will Never Win.....A Winner Will Never Quit....

                                           "Running the Race"

                                                                                       By Jaki.

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