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"Rubix Cube"

I am at a complete standstill, trying to navigate myself through the journey of Introspection. I realize that I am at a crossroad in my life. I find myself experiencing different emotions that seems to have an underlining effect in cultivating the person I find myself becoming. Evolution of one's soul, Can be very Intriguing, Inspiring, Also Challenging. I want to put the pieces in their proper place. I want to solve the puzzle, You believe that you have all the answers, At least the ones you feel sure about.... Given All of your life experience and all.

Just like the Rubix Cube.... If you were good at it, I mean if you practiced, Some of us, if you were lucky were able to get at least two sides the same color. No matter how tedious the Cube may have become. We could not stop ourselves, Our relentless desire to not be beaten brought out our competitive side, some of us didn't even know that we had. We discovered that trait by accident during childhood. It was compelling, unspoken motivation not to quit until you Win. I don't know about you guys, but does any of this sound familiar to you in your Adult life? It should!! The lesson is the same, The Requirement is going back to the basics.

I'm having mixed emotions about where I currently find myself at this stage in life. All the Ups and Downs, and Life Lessons that I have been blessed to survive...Has been very trying... But very Defining just the same. Innately, I can sense that something wonderful in my future is still yet to come. Complexity may often times feel like Chaos. No specific guidelines or patterns to follow.

Even through All of the confusion you remain focused, because just like the Rubix Cube..... Our personalities can be just as complex, trying to maintain and cultivate different Intricacies of what makes us who we are hold certain parallels as the game itself. You just had a strong will not to only Win, but to also Understand.

I know that the two are vastly different, Somehow it feels exactly the same. Art Imitating Life, that just reinerates my point. Many hidden secrets will be made clear. They are being hidden in plain sight.

                                 "Rubix Cube"

                                                          BY JAKI.

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