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Reflection.... When the thoughts, and choices of yesterday....Is now todays reality. Reflection.... When your energy is being mirrored back to you. What goes around comes around...Karma is Real!! It's not always a bad thing, it can be just as good. It's equal and just!! It's like rain it doesn't give a damn who it falls upon. Reflection...If I could turn back the hands of time.... I often times wonder would I really want to change any decision that I have made. No matter what the outcome may have been, It help to cultivate the woman that I am today. So in that regard, I have No Regrets!!

Reflection.... Is that Bright Hint of Light, behind a seemingly closed door. You can see promise on the other side, All you have to do is be willing to open the door. Reflection.... Is somewhat the same, but from a different perspective. The Reflection is your shadow, The ability to see both sides of your personality. The Good, and the Not So Good side of ourselves. We all have a Shadow side that we must learn to control. Reflection... Only until you are able to visually see it, Are you able to change it. Reflection..... Once you discover what needs to be done... You Take Responsibility..., You Do It!!!

Reflection.....Is just as precise as Hindsight thinking....It's been tried and tested. You know "I learned a Huge Lesson from that mistake moment"..…It's Infallible!!!! Reflection.... Being grateful for how far you have come in life. Realizing God's Grace has shown up, and continues to show up in your life in ways you never could have ever imagined. Reflection... It's been a long interesting ride, I'm forever grateful for the experiences of life, Because of the lessons that I was Blessed, and Fortunate to learn.

Reflection...Will push You to move.... There is really No way around it. That Little Voice that you have been able to Ignore up to this point... Now!!! Will not shut up..... What use to work so well before.... No Longer Will Do!!! You feel compelled to do something Different. It's Almost an Unspoken Feeling... That You owe it to Yourself. The situation whatever it is: Is No Longer the level that you are on for Real for Real....,. And You Know It.

Reflection....To continue on a path, that you have Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically have Outgrown. This is an Injustice to Oneself. You are selling Yourself short. Reflection.... Will always Inspire you to always keep moving..... And Never give up..... Despite Any Obstacles that may come your way.


                                                                            By Jaki.

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