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"Rearview Mirrors"

Life is a beautiful thing, with many beautiful experiences with unexpected highs and lows that has allowed for priceless memories along the way. The world can be a very scary, uncertain place with so many different variables in our day to day living especially when you are dealing with other people and their personalities.

Rearview Mirrors.....It allows you full vision on what is on the side of you, that might impair your ability to move. ( You know switching lanes). And what is behind you to help you navigate your direction moving forward. You need to always stay Aware of your surroundings, Especially when it's gaining momentum. Rearview Mirrors..... Can be an amazing and a direct example of an essential lesson we all should Aspire to learn in our lifetime.

Rearview Mirrors..... Symbolically signifies the ability to see your life, and your choices, up close and personal. You can only change what you can visually see. Let's be honest, most of the time, it's never just that simple. Rearview Mirrors..... Sometimes is like a tape playing recapping your whole life. Every decision, and choice you ever made. Rearview Mirrors..... Are some lessons in life that you know that you were not suppose to make it through, but by God's grace, You survived. Just like the story of Lot and his wife, She turned into a Pilar of salt, For looking back towards something GOD told her to leave behind.

Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, that is never going to fit. No matter how much you push and pull and try to ram it to force it to fit. Not able to see past what you want. Believing you can control the narrative....If that is not a whole lot of Pride and Ego wrapped all up with one big ribbon, I don't know what is. I have to check myself.... You have to tell yourself the truth....Even when it hurts. Rearview Mirrors.... The ability to look back in hindsight at all the fucked up, questionable decisions you made in the past. Now you are so much Wiser now. If I knew then what I know now. We all know that Old familiar line. Rearview Mirrors.... When everything that you have been through has crafted a whole new version of you. You could never go back to being who you were, because of everything that you have been allowed to see.

Rearview Mirrors...... The ability to see the past, just for what it is.... The Past! Don't allow yourself to get caught up in it. If you have any real sense, the nostalgia should have long since dissipated. Rearview Mirrors..... It's really simple... Just like when you are driving your car.. When you pay attention, adjust your mirrors, So that you can see. It keeps you from having unnecessary accidents..... Head on Collisions! You know what I am talking about.

Rearview Mirrors......Use them, they can save your life.

                            " Rearview Mirrors"

                                                                 By: JAKI.

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