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What am I truly thinking? And or feeling? I'm at a loss on even where to begin. Everything seems to be happening all at once. It's almost like a Deja Vu, it's like watching your favorite Old re-run, you know that it was a Bad movie. Maybe even low budget, but it made you laugh and sometimes it made you cry. It had its perks. You know that it is played out, you have seen it so many times over you know how the story is going to end in your sleep.

Somewhere stored in the back of my mental roladex, I know that I have seen this before. I recognize the faces, and the situations, they carry the stench of old memories past. I had not yet discovered the Unsavory ways of the world, and some of the people who are in it. I was talking with someone yesterday, about how history does nothing but repeat itself. Nothing really changes but the names and the faces. Much to my surprise they told me some Real Truth for that ass that brought so much Revelation.

They told me there are only three stages of life, No matter what we might tell ourselves to the contrary. In their opinion, Either you are just coming out of a Storm in your life. You are about to enter one. Or you are presently going through One right now as we speak. The Blessing is what you are able to learn throughout the storms of life, that helps to Heal and Nuture your soul. As you live, and grow older and hopefully Wiser. You come to understand that the things that you once thought was so significant, Really didn't have any value at all. You begin to develop an Inner Indescribable Appreciation for the moments of life filled with peace, comfortability and nostalgic memories. 

Then as Life does!!! It Is.... It happens All over again. This was not an attempt to promote any Dismal energy. Life can sometimes make you feel like you are on a rotisserie reel... Sometimes you are Cool and sometimes you are Not. If it comes off as such... My Apologies!! My only Intention is to bring some awareness to the Tribe. If you truly pay attention to the past, it will enable you to make more informed decisions moving forward. I mean, I am simply saying....We all know that life is going to happen. Because it is just Life.

These are Rare Opportunities to sharpen your Intuition and Discernment.

No one ever said that it was easy and if they did..... They Lied!! This is some Real painful shit.... When you have to get Real, and Present and Accountable in every aspect of your life. Real Work... Takes Real Courage!!! Rather it is Physically or Internally can be very Draining and has the potential to ware your Resolve out. If you are not careful and remain focused. Throughout all the Uncertainty of the stages of life, thank goodness GOD will never put more on us than we can stand to bare. Even at the times when the weight of the world feels like it rests on our shoulders.

Believe me, I am a living, walking, talking witness (PROOF). GOD will Always take something that everyone else might not think isn't about shit, and turn it into the Greatest Blessing of All time. He will get the Glory, Even though our Struggles and Suffering. It is Not a Punishment, but an Opportunity for GOD to show the world that he is GOD All by himself.

As everyone has by now discovered that I don't even have a title. Truthfully I don't know what to call todays topic. I just know that I felt LED in the spirit to say every word that has been spoken. I feel like I can be Rambling.... With Nothing other than the Truth, No Less.... Ramblings still the same.....Or maybe not!! Somewhere there is a message for someone today. God doesn't make Mistakes!!

I don't know what the purpose of today's subject was, or is.... But GOD Does!!! That is why he put it in my Spirit to write these words. My wish for everyone who maybe going through a Storm, Or just coming out of one. Or you find yourself heading towards one. I wish Us All Peace, Resilience and Compassion. The Tides, and Currents can be very Overwhelming. With Faith and God's Help, we're going to be Just Fine. Stay Up Family.....Our Happy Beginnings..... Not Endings!!! Are just beyond the Horizons. There is A Light at the end of the Tunnel. Keep Moving!!!!!




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