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Power..... What is it? Where exactly does it come from? Power....Is it just a physical Attribute? A strong physique.... Muscles, to the naked eye would resemble strength. Or is it a profound Inner strength? Or a combination of them both? Power....Is a commanding presence that let's everyone in the room know that you have arrived. The energy of your presence commands attention and respect.

Power..... Must be harnessed, it can be a very addictive energy. Power.... In the wrong hands, can often times have cataclysmic results. Don't let it go to your head! Real power lies in your ability to be a Humble, Magnanimous human being. Sometimes people can't take the power of your personality. It can be too Rare and too Raw. Magnetic personalities, Sometimes can only be taken in doses. You are too LIT......As Kanye West would say... You are on a Sensory Overload, You are plugged. Everything works like a well oiled machine.

Power.....Is a Transmutable energy that surrounds us every second of every day, even though you can not visually see it. Be Aware!!! There are people in the world, in search of people who are unaware of their own personal power. Just like stealing gas, they want to cypher your energy. Just like you have to protect your Peace, Guard your Power.

If you have given away your power in any situation that you may find yourself facing in life. Take Your Power Back!!!


                                                  BY JAKI.

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